Young Adult Coaching

If Your Teenager (15 upwards) is Struggling with Motivation, Confidence, Direction and Inspiration in Life… YOU MUST READ THIS!

Young people learning about being more Self Confident.

The Difference Between Mediocrity and Mastery in Life For Your Teenager Comes Down To One Thing… HAVING THE RIGHT COACH/MENTOR!

The Only Young Adult Mentorship/Coaching Program that’s 100% Customized to Fit With Your Teens Unique Traits, Talents, Ideal Learning Style & the Precise Goals They Want To Achieve.

Imagine Your Teenager Getting Personally Coached/Mentored By Annette Du Bois And What It Could Do For Them?


In this complex, challenging and diverse world we live in today, the chances of young people succeeding and achieving all they can be is frankly limited and in many cases unlikely (even if they have good grades). But having the right Coach/Mentor can CHANGE everything!

Various Coaching Packages

Our Coaching is not templated but specific, relevant, timely and personal to your Teens needs.

Free Trial Taster Session

To ensure that Annette is a good fit for your Teen she offers them a FREE trial discovery session

Competitive Pricing

Coaching is an investment in your Teens future happiness and success and worth the results both you and they will appreciate.

CHAMPS Academy Teen Life Coaching is very DIFFERENT… we use powerful and effective strategies NOT Therapy or Counselling. 👍

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