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Practical help and support so your teenager can handle the confusing and often turbulent adolescent years so they can feel more confident, self-assured and happier about their future.


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Young Adult Coaching

Practical help and support so your teenager can handle the confusing and often turbulent adolescent years so they can feel more confident, self-assured and happier about their future.

Fact: Teenagers are finding life much tougher since the Pandemic and Lockdown! 

Growing up is tough today and figuring out what you want to do at such a young age can be confusing, stressful and unsettling. This can lead to a decline in Self-confidence and Self-esteem.

Children's Mental health Has Declined Since Lockdown

Graph Shows How Children’s Mental health Has Declined Since Lockdown

Learning how to navigate more School work, everyday life pressures and the perils of struggling socially. This can have a collective negative impact on confidence and self-belief, which left unchecked leads to emotional turbulence and unhappiness.

When I was young, even though the challenges were different in various ways, it was the same!

So, I completely get that feeling.

And if you’ve noticed bigger changes in your child or teen over the last few years then they’re likely suffering the compounded effects of lockdown too!

An Increasing Problem!

There’s been a dramatic rise in teens struggling with day-to-day situations, for example:

  • Homework schedules
  • Lack of Focus
  • Exhaustion
  • Low Motivation
  • Decreased Mood
  • And many other areas too!

An increase more noticeable, since the pandemic.

It’s also significantly impacted social aspects such as friendships, social anxiety and social awkwardness in young people, unable to make lasting friendships, feeling left out and often very lonely.

It’s tough for parents too, your child/teen is not quite an adult, and perhaps you’re not sure how much to step in and help… or you can quickly become public enemy #1: AKA “the nagging parent”!

This is what many Parents tell me, when we have the initial chat>

Talk about being stuck in the middle!

A Parent told me; “my teen seems more withdrawn and not herself anymore”. Another said; “my son spends more time in his room and when I try and speak to him, just clams up”!

A Sad Reality and Worrying Time!

If you’ve seen changes over the last few years in your own child, then this will be concerning and worrying for you too. Most Parents in these situations are not sure what to do or how to help?

But the reality is noticing your son or daughter’s confidence and self-esteem in decline more and more.

This is where my Life Coaching for Teenagers Comes in!

I help ease and overcome all those issues and mental challenges with my Teen Life Coaching program designed to equip your teen with tools, strategies and techniques they can easily and effectively apply into the everyday situations they’re struggling with.

teen life coach - annette du bois

Some Typical Examples of my Life Coach for Teens Outcomes:

  • Learning how to start and keep a conversation going
  • How to expand their social circles and make the ‘right kind’ of friends
  • Developing motivation to get homework and tasks done and gain momentum to keep going
  • Identifying limitations, negative opinions and comparisons to create the self-belief to make positive things happen
  • Setting achievable goals, such as joining a new club, learning a new skill, getting a part-time job and so much more!
  • Authenticity – how to develop their true self in a world of unrealistic and often negative influence and fakery
  • Overcoming mistakes and turning disappointments into opportunities
  • Handling emotions of everyday stresses and teen life pressures
  • Improve communication to connect better with others
  • Plus anything else specific your teen is finding challenging?

No matter what the situation, I’m here to help!

Does Jane’s comments below resonate with you?

“Our 15 Year Old Daughter Suffers Anxiety And Is Extremely Shy Making School (Especially Speaking In Class) And Social Situations Very Difficult For Her. However She Found Annette Extremely Easy To Talk To And Empathetic Of Her Situation. She Feels The Practical Tools And Skills She Has Been Working On With Annette Over 6 Sessions Will Really Help Her Develop Her Confidence At School And Beyond.”

We appreciate the delicate balance of parent and teen relationships, you see them struggling, offer some help/advice, but then it often makes them feel worse, or the emotional reactions between you both begin.

Creating nothing but more frustration and no further forward… in fact feels like you’re going backwards.

This is why it’s always a good idea to get some outside help. Sometimes Parents are just too close.

Tired of Pulling Your Hair Out?!

It’s very likely you’ve tried the books, apps, audios, journals, the nurturing and the ‘tough love’ approach?

Or you’ve even hired a coach or got some other kind of help?

But the cold hard reality is nothing seems to have worked and you feel your relationship is worse not better? The tension just builds.

parental frustrations

Why My Coaching is Different!

Having a teen coach and mentor, offers an impartial and refreshing approach to facing the challenges and offering practical and lasting strategies and solutions.

Also, please bear in mind this is much more than your average ‘Teen Life Coaching’ service, which seem to be everywhere these days.

It goes way beyond that.

The problem is the majority of “Life Coaches” around lack the experience and specialised skills required to successfully work with teenagers and their complex psychological and emotional challenges.

Coaching Children and Teens is NOT the same as coaching adults. It’s much more specific and detailed.

And the other thing you might be thinking is… when you mention to them the very word “coach” they will give you ‘push back’ at the mere suggestion or think they “need fixing”!

For something to ‘need fixing’ implies it’s broken and your teen is certainly NOT broken.

They’re just off course, confused, uncertain and need showing the right clear path to follow.

Unlike talking therapies or counselling, CHAMPS Academy Teen Coaching is VERY unique and different.

Think of it like ‘more doing, than talking’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to talk sometimes, but talking without practical action is just empty sound.

We identify the specific key areas your teen is finding difficult, then offer appropriate strategies and practical solutions they can use in the situation to improve and overcome it.

My ‘Learn and Apply’ Approach

I adopt an effective and proven ‘learn-apply’ approach. Your Teen learns the tools in the sessions, and then gets sent helpful reminders and actions emailed to them shortly afterwards to support the coaching and to reinforce the practice in between, which helps them ‘show what they know’ and become more adept.

Here’s a quick example of a situation I’ve seen many times; Imagine the feeling your teen has when ordering their own food or drink at a restaurant with you for the first time… whereby previously they’d be too nervous and shy to do it.

Or inviting a friend to hang-out and they say “YES”, strengthening a growing friendship they’d not had before.

Although these examples can appear at first glance to be trivial, to the teen they represent significant personal breakthroughs. And can bring a tear to the eye of any Parent.

If you’d like to hear directly (watch videos) from real parents, who have witnessed their teenager’s transformation under the nurturing guidance of Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) then please click here>

Annette is like a special trusted buddy!

Your teen can be assured of my down-to-earth approach to our time together. Our coaching approach is one of building a trusted relationship and offering that instant understanding that teen life today is tough and challenging. Some describe me as a special friend!

The fact is and reassuring news for you and them is there are simple things that can be applied to start feeling better about themselves or the challenges they’re going through.

Find Breakthroughs!

Annette’s support gives you the deep peace of mind knowing they’re better equipped mentally and psychologically for their life.

overcome teenage challenges

Plus, you start re-building a more harmonious relationship together again. It’s Win, Win!

Many Parents comment… their Teen sharing more laughs together or just having a good week, where things begin to feel easier for everyone.

And this after only a few weeks of the coaching starting.

Having the right Trusted Mentor is Crucial — That’s Why I Offer a Free Trial Session

I understand having the right mentor for your teen is crucial, that’s why I offer a no-obligation free trial session, this is where I share a few tools and techniques by offering valuable/helpful insights into how my practical coaching can help them. It’s a million miles from the usual ‘hard sell’ that many use these days.

From my many years of experience (over 20 years in fact!) coaching young people, I can tell you they often resist getting help because they think they’ll have to do lots of “talking” or sharing their inner most feelings, which is so out of their comfort zone, I get it.

That’s why my approach is different and appealing.

champs academy teen coaching process

Teenagers Find It Hard To Picture What Getting Proper and Professional Help Looks Like Until They Experience The Free Trial Coaching Session — Then The Fog Clears!

Truth is, most teens know they need some help, they just don’t know what that help looks like… until the trial session – It’s no surprise that teens are often quite impressed just how helpful it is.

So, if you’re one of those many frustrated Parents stuck on the CAMHS/CYPMHS waiting list or you’re totally dissatisfied with the mediocre offering in books, journaling or online courses purported to help… creating that feeling of deep ‘disappointment and failure’ to significantly help your teen, then this is what you should do next:

Book a no-obligation quick chat with me here>>

I can find out more about your teen’s challenges and share what coaching package may suit them.

Relax, it’s NOT a sales call in any way! I will of course chat through ways I can help, but there’s no obligation.

It’s only ever about what’s best for your teen.

Many parents say how helpful the call really is. It gives them more reassurance that help is available.

I’m here as your guide, mentor and confidante, having helped thousands of Parents and their teens navigate the bumpy and turbulent adolescent years.

My absolute passion is ensuring every teen gets the best support they need as quickly as possible, to be equipped with the specific strategies and coping mechanisms to help them feel more confident and a lot happier.

If my busy schedule permits, I’d love to have the opportunity to do that for your teen too.

The sooner you book in your initial call, the sooner we get the process started.

By the way, if you want to jump straight into arranging the trial session for your teen, simply complete the form below and await an important email from me

*Please make sure you check all subfolders so the email does not get inappropriately filed.

Your Data is safe and secure as per our Privacy Policy>


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