Calling ALL Parents of Struggling Teenagers: Empower Your Teen and Ignite the CHAMPion Within!
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Is your teen (14 or older) grappling with a lack of motivation, self-esteem, direction, or inspiration?

Then consider this a pivotal message for you!

Discover how you can help your teen actualise their full potential with the remarkable Young Adult Coaching Program offered by CHAMPS Academy World-Class Coach Annette Du Bois.

The stepping stone to a fulfilling and confident life starts here, NOW!

Unlocking the universe inside every teen’s mind. When thoughts feel like a tangled web, I’m here to help unravel the brilliance within. Because every young soul deserves to shine confidently and beautifully, just like the stars. ✨ Annette Du Bois

What makes the difference between a mediocre and a masterful life for your teen?

One simple, yet significant answer:

The guidance of an adept/expert and highly experienced coach/mentor.

Hear directly from real parents, who have witnessed their teenager’s transformation under the nurturing guidance of Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy).

Your teen’s journey to success is as unique as they are. That’s why our Young Adult Coaching Program is customised 100% to fit your teen’s individual strengths, talents, preferred learning style, and precise objectives. Picture the heights your teenager could reach under the personal mentorship of Annette Du Bois.

Imagine Your Teenager Getting Personally Coached/Mentored By Annette Du Bois And What It Could Do For Them?

Your Teen Deserves a Life Filled With Confidence!

The path to success in today’s multifaceted, high-stakes world is not as straightforward as simply having good grades. Many young people face obstacles that limit their potential.

However, the right mentor can be the catalyst for profound change!

Frustrated with waiting lists for CAMHS/CYPMHS? Dissatisfied with strategies like books, online courses, or journaling that didn’t meet your expectations or fail to significantly help your teen?

Then now’s the time to revolutionise your approach. Annette Du Bois cuts through the fluff, replaces ineffective strategies, and delivers extraordinary results where many others fall short.

Don’t Wait! Empower Your Teen Today!

Various Coaching Packages

Choose from a variety of tailored Coaching Packages. Our strategies are specific, timely, and tailored to your teen’s needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Free Trial Taster Session

Try it out with a Free Taster Session. To ensure Annette is a great fit for your teen, we offer a complimentary trial discovery session.

Competitive Pricing

We offer Competitive Pricing. Consider coaching as a worthy investment in your teen’s future happiness and success.

Neurodiversity Support

Our coaching approach at CHAMPS Academy for Teenagers is unique and powerful, using strategic methods instead of therapy or counselling. 👍

Why Us?

    • We offer bespoke coaching programs that cater to your teen’s unique traits and ambitions.
    • Direct coaching/mentorship from Annette Du Bois, renowned for delivering remarkable results.
    • Free initial discovery session to ensure a perfect fit.
    • Competitive rates to ensure value for your investment.

Consider hiring Annette to assist your teen in navigating the challenging journey towards a more successful and confident life.

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