CHAMPS Academy prides itself on providing the best most effective and relevant workshops that deal with the issues facing kids and young people today. Our wealth of first hand experience, in depth knowledge, proven track record and ability to connect with any child/teen ensures rapid and practical results.

Back to School Anxieties

Any new term can be an anxious time. The transition to a new class, new School or just getting back into term time routine can create stress. It’s time they learn how to create new term confidence at the CHAMPS Academy ‘Beat The Back To School Anxieties’ Workshop.

Confidence Kick Start

CHAMPS Confidence Kick Start is a very useful and practical confidence discovery workshop for ages 6-10 years and 11+ where your child or teen learns effective tools and strategies they can use. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to discover what your local CHAMPS Academy Coach can offer you.

Exam Stress

The CHAMPS Academy ‘Stop School Exam Stress’ workshop is an effective solution to manage those emotional meltdowns and mentally prepare for the ‘exam season’. Suitable for SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-levels, Welsh Bacc, Scottish Highers and any other tests, assessments and exams

Anti-Bullying and Safety

Is your child or teen being teased, bullied, controlled or manipulated? No child or teens needs to be a victim if being bullied when CHAMPS Academy can offer help and tools that could turn the situation around. Take action to stop it now!

Body Confidence Workshop

9/10 young people in the UK dislike their body. That’s a lot of kids feeling low, sad and dissatisfied with themselves for no good reason. We’re all unique and young people will learn how to celebrate that on the CHAMPS Body Confidence Workshop.

Workshops Coming Soon..

CHAMPS Academy Emotional Resilience Workshop

It’s the strength and flexibility to get through any challenge or situation. When your child is full of emotion, feels stuck in a challenge or unhappy with things it can only take something small to feel weak and helpless. It’s time they learn how to develop strength, to gain courage no matter what the challenge and grow in flexibility to take on the world with their head held high. Coming soon… the CHAMPS Academy ‘Emotional Resilience’ Workshop (suitable for ages 6-10 and 11+).

CHAMPS Academy Confident Transition Workshop

Is your child anxious, scared and apprehensive about the School transition to Year7? From our years of experience, this is having a massive negative impact even in Year5. What they see, hear and think from the current Year6 pupils, they quickly develop a distorted reality of how stressed, pressured and frightening the next stage of life is going to be for them, mind-based issues that can easily be prevented. Until now that is – with this incomparable workshop!

CHAMPS Academy Academic Success Workshop

Today young people have more pressures, stresses and complexities in their lives, struggling to cope with School work, exams and growing up. Academic results, exam pressure and lack of purpose / direction in life quickly leads to overwhelm and mind based issues. Without the essential confidence, self-belief to achieve and emotional resilience to handle challenges / pressures, they easily get un-resourceful, and limit their potential.

CHAMPS Academy Career Confidence Workshop

Teens and young adults often lack the essential skills to prepare them for the world of work and their future career. There’s a shift of essential skills employers are now looking for in people they employ. Whilst the academic side is important, these are generally teachable and can easily be upskilled as part of their progress in the organisation. Employers also look for communication, initiative, decision making, problem solving, creativity, resilience and team work.