Back to School Anxieties Workshop

Any new term can be an anxious time for all young people. The transition to a new class, a new School or even just getting back into term time routine can create stress and overwhelm. The last few years has seen a significant increase in the number of school aged children struggling to cope with mind-based issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, self-harm and other patterned behaviours, which are all coping mechanisms. It’s time they learn how to have new term confidence at the CHAMPS Academy ‘Beat The Back To School Anxieties’ Workshop (suitable for ages 6-10 and 11+).

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Confidence Kick Start

CHAMPS Confidence Kick Start is a very useful and practical confidence discovery workshop for ages 6-10 years and 11+ where your child or teen learns effective tools and strategies they can use. Plus, it’s a great introduction to what your local CHAMPS Academy Coach can offer you.

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Exam Stress

Is your child or teen anxious, stressed and overwhelmed about exams?

The CHAMPS Academy ‘Stop School Exam Stress’ workshop is an effective solution to manage those emotional meltdowns and mentally prepare for the ‘exam season’. Suitable for SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-levels, Welsh Bacc, Scottish Highers and any other tests, assessments and exams

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Anti-Bullying and Safety

Is your child or teen being teased, bullied, controlled or manipulated? Take action to stop it now!

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CHAMPS Body Confidence Workshop

Does your child or teen hate their body? 

They’re not alone… 9/10 young people in the UK dislike their body. That’s a lot of kids feeling low, sad and dissatisfied with themselves for no good reason. We’re all unique and young people will learn how to celebrate that on this empowering CHAMPS Body Confidence Workshop (for ages 6-8 and 9+)…

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