CHAMPS Academy prides itself on providing the best most effective and relevant workshops that deal with the issues facing kids and young people today. Our wealth of first hand experience, in depth knowledge, proven track record and ability to connect with any child/teen ensures rapid and practical results.

Back to School Anxieties

Any new term can be an anxious time. The transition to a new class, new School or just getting back into term time routine can create stress. It’s time they learn how to create new term confidence at the CHAMPS Academy ‘Beat The Back To School Anxieties’ Workshop.

Confidence Kick Start

CHAMPS Confidence Kick Start is a very useful and practical confidence discovery workshop for ages 6-10 years and 11+ where your child learns effective tools and strategies they can use. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to discover what your local CHAMPS Academy Coach can offer you.

Exam Stress

The CHAMPS Academy ‘Stop School Exam Stress’ workshop is an effective solution to manage those emotional meltdowns and mentally prepare for the ‘exam season’. Suitable for SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-levels, Welsh Bacc, Scottish Highers and any other tests, assessments and exams

Anti-Bullying and Safety

Is your child or teen being teased, bullied, controlled or manipulated? We can put an end to your child being a victim with CHAMPS Academy’s proven and effective tools and strategies to turn the situation around. Waiting or doing nothing is not an option, positive, proactive action is needed now.

Body Confidence

Body Image Anxieties: 9/10 young people in the UK dislike their body. It’s likely your child is one of them! With a concerning ‘norm’ developing, your child is comparing and harshly judging themselves against a fake reality.

They’re desperate to change their appearance and worse ‘hate’ their body. On this workshop (for ages 8-10 & 11+) your child will develop self-belief to value their worth in peer groups and society, to appreciate their body, shape and gain inner strength to manage other people’s opinions to be all they can in life.

Specific Courses

  • Social Confidence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Confident Transition