Why Do More Parents Choose CHAMPS Academy?

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Here are 32 Good Reasons!

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

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Why Do More Parents Choose CHAMPS Academy?

Here are 32 Good Reasons!

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Here’s 32 Reasons why more Parents choose CHAMPS Academy to help their child or teen than anyone else!

Reason 01: Choosing CHAMPS Academy Coaching for your child or teen is not just a decision, it’s an investment in their future. Your child goes to school to learn academic subjects, they may attend sports clubs to improve their ability or other activities as they mature to learn and hone their skills. But where do they learn how to become more resilient when problems occur or handling disappointments without developing a defeatist and negative attitude?

Reason 02: Proven and effective results. Read reviews from hundreds of satisfied parents>

Reason 03: Because growing up is tough for both child and parent; CHAMPS Academy offers reassurance for you both from a hugely experienced and trusted coach/mentor. Annette Du Bois>

Reason 04: A trusted mentor like Annette, who is outside the family, provides effective solutions and fresh perspectives tailored to the unique challenges faced by today’s children and adolescents. This guidance helps them reframe struggles positively, build resilience, and strengthens the parent-child bond. Many parents cannot do it all by themselves. They need outside help.

Reason 05: 100% confidential. Coaching remains completely private, known only within the family.

Reason 06: Your child/teen benefits from coaching in the comfort and familiarity of your home environment through secure video sessions (such as Zoom etc.).

Reason 07: Unlike school counseling which can feel stigmatising where they may be pulled out of class, video coaching allows them to engage openly without peer judgment or potential ridicule, fostering a relaxed environment for growth. It avoids the stigma associated with being seen going to a designated counseling space at school, which can be perceived as a sign of weakness or being less than.

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Reason 08: Many young people referred for school counseling or mental health support may not require traditional talk therapy, but could greatly benefit from alternative approaches tailored to their unique needs.

Reason 09: What they often need are practical techniques to help navigate challenges effectively, as talk therapy alone may not provide the tools to make meaningful progress and keep them stuck in their head!

Reason 10: With CHAMPS Academy Coaching, your child/teen can engage in sessions from a comfortable, quiet space in your home, away from family distractions.

Reason 11: Annette Du Bois offers a flexible approach, allowing parents to participate in coaching sessions with their child or stay involved in the background. If the child or teen prefers privacy, that’s respected as well.

Reason 12: Privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance and we have Privacy and Safeguarding Policies in place to offer a safe and reassuring space for you and your child.

Reason 13: The CHAMPS Academy Applied Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching is the number 01 effective one-on-one coaching program for helping children and teenagers who lack confidence, and self-esteem or who struggle to manage their emotions.

Reason 14: In this exclusive yet inclusive coaching, Annette personally guides and mentors your child/teen. She equips them with practical tools, techniques, and strategies tailored to their specific needs, enhancing social confidence, emotional resilience, and mental well-being.

Reason 15: After helping thousands of parents worldwide, they say they feel that instant sense of relief and peace of mind knowing there is a trusted coach to help their child/teen navigate the ups and downs of growing up.

Reason 16: Annette Du Bois has personally helped hundreds of thousands of young people over the years, she continuously updates her skills and knowledge to remain at the forefront of addressing the evolving struggles and challenges young people face today.

Reason 17: Simple and Effective Tools your child or teen can actually and want to use.

Reason 18: Not counselling or invasive Therapy.

Reason 19: Practical Tools and Solutions for Better Mental Health.

Reason 20: CHAMPS Academy Coaching is both effective and practical in helping young people develop better skills and strategies for managing life’s challenges.

Reason 21: If books, pep talks, sports, and self-negotiation skills haven’t been enough to boost your child/teen’s confidence for handling life’s challenges, then let Annette work closely with them. She’ll equip them with personalised tools and skills to build unshakable confidence and smash through their limitations.

Reason 22: Your child/teen will be able to take back control of their own thoughts and thinking patterns, even if they’ve struggled for a while.

Reason 23: Restore Peace in the Home. How would that feel?

Reason 24: See them Improve at School and in Life.

Reason 25: You will be able to help your child/teen feel and act more confident and empowered to conquer any barrier—with The CHAMPS Academy Applied Self-Confidence and Life-Skills Transformation Coaching.

Reason 26: Annette also works with children and teenagers who are Neurodivergent. For more information about our Neurodiversity Coaching, click here>

Reason 27: We will change and improve your child/teen’s communication. Both internally and externally.

Reason 28: Strategies to Help Your Child/Teen Manage Anxiety and Nerves.

Reason 29: Recent studies suggest parents may underestimate the impact of typically nerve-wracking experiences, like starting a new school, public performances, exams, and social media, on their child’s confidence and long-term psychological well-being. That’s why all young people need a trusted mentor.

Reason 30: Annette offers you the focused reassurance and help to bring back your child/teen’s smile!

Reason 31: We offer a Free No-Obligation Trial Coaching session for every child or teen. Learn more>

Reason 32: Did we say we had great reviews? Read our reviews>

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