This flies in the face of a recent survey conducted by Barnardo’s stating that “Welsh children are the least confident in UK.” and a subsequent article in the Abergavenny Chronicle newspaper.

To quote: “CHILDREN in Wales have less confidence than young people anywhere else in the UK and four out of 10 feel they have no one who believes in them.
The stark findings have emerged in a survey by Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity which revealed that a shocking 96 per cent of Welsh 11 to 18-year-olds lack confidence and doubt they will succeed in life, despite feeling under pressure to perform well.”

Here’s the link:

CHAMPS coaches kids and teens how to become more confidence and succeed in life and our local south-wales coach based in Porthcawl and covering the Bridgend area (Marie Jones) has transformed the confidence levels of local children.

This is one of her recent comments on Social Media:


CHAMPS mission is to help every child in Wales become more confident and happier.

Marie’s contribution to helping the kids of South Wales become more confident is positive and proactive step forward to change the results of this survey.