Give Your Child/Teen A Massive Boost in Confidence and Emotional Mastery with the Unlimited Potential Online Course.

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Go From The Mind-Maze To Amazing

The ‘Unlocked Potential’ course helps Kids and Young People learn and develop the key skills, tools and techniques so they can improve their Self-Confidence, Emotional-Resilience and Mindset within 6 weeks or less.

A 6 Module 100% Online Course* (with Guidance and Support) That Will Change Your Child/Teen's Confidence and Behaviour.

The course is based upon Annette Du Bois' 'Unlocked Potential' Process, it's flexible and your child/teen WILL stick with it.

It fits into YOUR busy schedule and gives your child/teen the freedom to learn at their own pace and time-frame.

*Includes continued access for 12-24 months, depending on which course option you choose? So you can revisit the modules at any time. 

Jayne B  "This has completely changed my daughters Confidence and outlook. I would recommend to any parent."
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6 Module Online Course

A Module is released every week and comes packed with usable, helpful and relatable content your child/teen can use.

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Mobile Flexible Learning

This unique course is also available on our Mobile App and on any device for ease of access to aid your child's learning.

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Engaging and Rewarding

Rest assured your investment is worth it. Our course is designed to stimulate reward mechanisms.

If your Child/Teen's Confidence is at a low point... this will give them the lift they need!

Hundreds of parents have come to CHAMPS Academy for help over the last few years feeling helpless and desperate to help their child/teen and the 'Unlocked Potential' Course is a great and affordable way forward for you and your family.

This course is full of practical tips and techniques your child or teen WILL want to use. Because they work! 

It's not theory! But gives them tools they can rely on, when it really matters.

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Life Today for Young People is Very Challenging, Complex and Confronting...

Maintaining a level of Self-Confidence and Self-Assurance is critical if your child is to thrive and develop into a well-rounded and happy adult. 

More and more children lack Confidence (and the essential Life-Tools/Skills) and this really affects every aspect of their lives and emotions.

But you'll already feel that something has to change. Leaving it and hoping it will pass is not an option. 

That's Why This Course Was Created... Because It Will Really Help Them Unlock Their True Potential! 

  • Unlock Super Confidence. Not the arrogant type of confidence, but the Self-Assurance and Certainty every child and young person needs. 
  • Unlock Effective Communication. Develop the skills and tools to Speak Up, Present Yourself and get your Point Across in style. 
  • Unlock Emotional Control. Learn to control and manage life's emotions and feelings. 
  • Unlock Positive Mindset and Self-Belief. This will set them up for success and allow their true potential to shine through. Applies to life-online and offline. 
  • Unlock Peak Performance. Get the tools and techniques that will unleash the Ultimate You and open new doors and opportunities growing up. 
  • And MUCH More!

A Much Needed Course For A Much Challenged Time

Growing up today is tough for any child/teen, it’s got way more complex than it used to be and in truth many parents struggle to know what to do for the best.

Swaying between the soft nurturing to tough love, searching for answers in books, audios and the constant scrolling on the internet or Social Media for the elusive answer!

If you have done this, then you're not alone, most parents have. But for the most part they're ineffective or don't translate to your actual situation or circumstances. 

Why This Course is Different! 

This course is different from all the others... because it’s for your child or teen, not you (although you can help them through or with it, if required?). This is NOT another of those ‘parenting’ courses, that often causes you to feel worse about failing your child in some way?

This is about your Child/Teen coming through this course and becoming a more confident, resilient and a noticeably well-developed person on the other side. 

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This Works Way Better!

Through educational videos, useful audios and inspiring downloads, I am right by your child’s side, to help, steer and guide them.

This massively takes the pressure off you as the parent to ‘teach’ (AKA try and get through to) your son or daughter.

As that direct method usually only results in your child feeling they’ve let you down or you become ‘enemy #1… the nagging parent’!


Engages and Inspires

Each module contains inspirational and educational videos, downloads and interactive scenarios to aid learning and retention of the course content. It encourages your child to think differently and more resourcefully in the areas they are currently struggling in. And be equipped for the ups and downs they’ll go through growing up.


The action steps help your child implement the tools they’ve learnt into their everyday life. This is a very powerful aspect of the course as they begin to positively benefit from what they’ve learnt. You see them doing things that before seemed impossible or unlikely.

But now the Key begins to turn and new doors open. 

When this happens, it’s a proud and profound moment for them (and you).

That's the really exciting bit... because it’s the most relevant and specific to them, not some random information to passively read, but the actual actions to do it, achieve it, become it. All with my personal guidance to reassure and guide them, creating and generating the certainty, positivity and the actuality they can do this.

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The Motivation and Inspiration To Improve On The Go, Anytime, Anywhere. 

Depending on their age you can either learn with them or allow them to progress through the course independently (our handy App allows them to access the course anywhere and at any time).

Plus, I provide additional guidance for you to help your child get the most out of the course. This creates harmonious learning that not only engages but is fun for faster and lasting results.

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The Psychology of Reward and Motivation... The Key Ingredient of Success! 

This course is the only one that offers reward mechanisms and psychological features to help your Child/Teen stay motivated and enthusiastic to achieve and complete the outcomes. Unlike most other courses and training, This is VERY Experiential. 


Through the course your Child/Teen will join me on a journey of collecting the 6 keys to Unlock Their True Potential.

With the final Key unlocking ultimate Confidence and Success. What we call 'Graduation Initiation'. 

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Quick Course Summary:

  • 6 Motivating and Inspiring Modules – 1 emailed each week to manage and go through at their own pace.
  • 12  or 24 Months Access for greater retention and results.
  • Specific Action /Implementation Steps to apply what they learn into everyday life, for positive outcomes and personal results.
  • Collecting the Golden Keys – these are given on Module completion, following completing the Module Assignment.  The Key 'Unlocks' the next Module. 
  • Handy ‘Confidence in Their Pocket’ our helpful, convenient and supportive Mobile App means your child/teen can access any time. They will be able to open the App, when out and about and go straight to the 'Instant Life-Tool' section where they can listen, watch or read (all captioned) and get the Tool/Help they need there and then.
  • Downloadable Action-Guides and Cool-Checklists for helpful reminders, understanding and better implementation.

  • Motivating Joggers for better learning momentum and support to keep them on track.

  • Private Member Facebook Group* – This is our special group created predominantly for Parents who's kids are going through the course, where we offer additional support/help. Join other parents in our supportive and confidential community.

  • Monthly Q&A* – live Zoom meetups covering your questions in a friendly parent get-together. This can help if your child had a specific issue (that weak) or question you’d like to talk about (without giving too much away, so to retain privacy). We can discuss that too!

How To Become A Better Parent (Guide)*

- Want to Untangle the Knots in communicating with your Child/Teen? Then APPLY these super Top 10 Tips. Parenting-stress affects everything in your life… relationships, health… even your sleep. That's why this guide is included. 

*Only available depending on which course level you choose (details below)?

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Key 1: Emotions:

The 5 biggest emotions of growing up, examples of where they might experience them as well as simple/effective/relevant techniques, tools and exercises to handle them in all their forms.


  • Exams
  • School Pressures
  • Homework
  • Family
  • Overwhelm
  • Etc.

Proven Stress Busting Techniques and action steps to apply into those emotional and challenging times.


  • What If Worries
  • Life Worries
  • Social Issues
  • Making Mistakes
  • Overwhelm
  • Friendships

Effective Anxiety Busting exercises and action steps that really work in their everyday life.


  • Friendships
  • Failure
  • Family
  • Disappointments

Awareness to Stop the Anger quickly (trigger-points) and workable tools with realistic action steps to become calmer and more in control.


  • Tests/Exams
  • Change
  • Social Situations
  • Fear of Failure
  • And Other Life-Fears!

Fear Busting Techniques to overcome the emotion and action steps to re-gain control, change perspective and manage the situation.


Seeing your Child/Teen really smile and have fun is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Parent. 

Life today seems to have been replaced with a frown! 

So, we help find more happiness and joy into their everyday experience. A new perspective of challenges and problems is created. Brings back their smile!

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Key 2: Mindset/Self-Belief: 

Many children struggle with a negative mindset, which quickly creates a distorted belief system, which often keeps them stuck.

Key 2 Unlocks your child’s negative or limiting mindset to become more resilient, resourceful and courageous.

  • Attitude – why it matters.
  • Self-Belief – lessons from an elephant and a post-it-note!
  • Perseverance – how to gain and keep the ‘stick-at-it-ness™’ in life.
  • Resilience – what it is and how to get it.


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Key 3: Social Confidence: 

Gone is the awkwardness of knowing what to say, how to make friends, and struggling to overcome social anxieties. This is the key to understanding and making healthy friendships, becoming more assertive, confidence to speaking up (when appropriate) and much more.

  • Assertiveness – what it is and isn’t!
  • Confident communication – learn to speak up and be heard.
  • Friendships – how to overcome the issues of a BFF, Banter or Toxic to have and be a good friend.
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Key 4: Digital Confidence: 

There's no getting away from it. The Digital world is here to stay and a huge part of life today for young people.

They’re growing up in a dual reality and its vital they are equipped to handle this early on.

From online gaming to social media, they will learn to embrace the positive elements and become emotionally, mentally and psychologically protected from the many challenges that exists online today.

  • Bullying
  • Trolls
  • Peer Pressure
  • How to stay mentally strong and in-control.
  • Body Image – seeing through the ‘perfection perception’ for healthy self-esteem.
  • How to enjoy Social Media and life online.
  • ‘Digital Dot’ – the lasting impact of posts and videos.
  • How to create a Digital-Protocol and Mental-Buffer to get the most out of the Online world. 
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Key 5: Peak Performance:

For a child to achieve and succeed in life they need the essential Skills, Tools and Inner Resources to be at their best.

But who really teaches this to young people? Usually it’s something learnt along a career/life path, but often not nearly enough to make a difference – that’s why we teach them now -- when they need it!

Their future starts now. 

They will access and learn life-changing training and resources to Power-Up their Skills and Confidence, to be able to: 

  • Get and stay organised.
  • Create better Planning and scheduling for time efficiency (homework, revision, activities etc.).
  • How to increase Motivation and Set Goals and Achieve them.
  • Ramp up creativity, focus, peak-state-performance and mental clarity by increasing Quality Sleep and Rest.
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Key 6: Potential Unlocked (Time To Celebrate!)

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The final module in the course is probably the most important one because this brings it all together in a synergistic and connect way.

This is your child/teen's graduation party.

They will have achieved so much on our journey together and be rewarded not just for all the new life-changing skills and techniques they have learned but we celebrate the fact they have invested in having their ‘Potential Unlocked’.

Module 6 reinforces, reminds and reflects on their journey and aligns them for the future going forward. This is the Ultimate Key to success, fulfilment and happiness.

They’ll also receive a signed Graduation Certificate they can download and also a very special Badass Course-Graduation gift sent in the post/mail as a constant reminder of what they accomplished and with Unlimited Potential there’s no stopping them!

Is Your Child or Teen Ready To 'Unlock Their True Potential' -- Then Choose One of The Options Below:

Sorry, Enrolment is NOW CLOSED 

Go on the waiting list.

We will contact you when we are to re-open the course. 

Standard Level


One-Time Payment Includes:

  • Full Access to the Course for 12 months
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Course Mobile App





Platinum Level (Most Popular)


One-Time Payment Includes:

  • Full Access to the Course for 24 months
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Course Mobile App
  • Monthly Live Q&A for 6 Months (due to the level of support offered numbers are limited)
  • Parent Guide
  • Personal Email Coaching Support with Annette for 3 months

Gold Level


One-Time Payment Includes:

  • Full Access to the Course for 12 months
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Course Mobile App
  • Monthly Live Q&A for 3 Months (due to the level of support offered numbers are limited)
  • Parent Guide

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We Are Totally Confident This Course Will Work For Your Child / Teen, That's Why We Offer You Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We understand that you could be wondering if this course will actually work for your Child/Teen because of their past experiences with online stuff etc? But this is different to anything they may have tried before. But we want to offer you this reassurance pledge.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results the course promises, then Annette will give your Child/Teen a Free 15 minute online evaluation / coaching session to ascertain the reasons why and offer additional support, at no additional charge.

A Few FAQs 

Got Another Question About The Course?

Please ask it using the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.