Teen Social Anxiety Coaching Package

 with Annette Du Bois - That Changes Everything!






Social Anxiety can be crippling to the happiness, confidence and future of your Teenager!

Rather than going down the "Therapy" or "Counselling" route or exacerbating the problem... your Teen (ages 15-19) can now get the most effective, practical and sustainable Coaching with the UK's number 01 Coach Annette Du Bois on a Transformational 6 session Coaching program.

But first, does your Teen do/have one or more of the following:

  • Indecision about going out and socialising
  • Worries about things going wrong in social situations
  • Worries about meeting people (including friends and strangers)
  • Struggles (or avoids) starting (and holding) conversations, in person and/or on the phone
  • Gets anxious when out shopping
  • Avoids going out by making 'plausible' excuses
  • Constantly worries about doing something  "embarrassing", for example blushing, sweating or looking stupid to others
  • Afraid of being judged or criticised 
  • Starts to fall apart if feel they are being watched
  • Sometimes trembles with fear and has mini panic attacks

What Does the 6 Sessions Include?

  • Practical, real-world, inspiring and game-changing Coaching with Annette (ages 15-19).
  • Guidance notes and worksheets.
  • Proven tools and strategies that actually work.
  • Tailor made Coaching to overcome personal challenges, setbacks and blocks. 
  • Reinforcement tools and processes to make sure they stay on track. 
  • Your Teen gets the opportunity to partner with their very own 'Confidence Buddy' to maximise results and friendships. Annette will tell you more about this when you speak.

When Are The Sessions?

Subject to Annette's schedule and availability (book ASAP to avoid delays)

The Age Groups For This?

Ages are between 15 and 19 years of age. 

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Meet Coach Annette Du Bois!

Annette is one of the UK's most effective Psychology and Strategy Coaches for Young People with an outstanding track-record for results.  A globally respected Transformation Coach having helped over 300,000 people worldwide. 

Appearing on Sky News and numerous other TV programs, Newspapers and Radio stations globally.

"Social Anxiety does not have to control and negatively impact the life of your Teenager when help and solutions are here for them"