From Shy To Confident With CHAMPS Academy Coaching

From shy to confident in just a few weeks! Here's one mother's very thankful testimonial of how CHAMPS Academy Kids Confidence Coaching has helped... My 10 year old girl had very low self esteem and CHAMPS has brought amazing benefits on her in just the first 2 weeks. She used to hide herself behind her long hair and after just 2 sessions she decided she wanted her hair short and is not hiding her

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Girls Body Image Crisis

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse for young girls and their body image insecurities... think again. The latest trend is the "Slim Thick" look. What? you probably say… me also! Of course, you’ve guessed it... being led by the likes of Kim K! And if you’re new to this body image trend then the actual Slim Thick definition is… A girl with a

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Beat the Back to School Blues

So it’s out with the ice cream, lazy days and no routine to getting up early, sitting in class and making new friends. The start of term can be a nervous, worrying and fearful time for many children. Moving class, going to ‘big school’ or just getting back into term time routine can create a lot of different emotions and feelings, which need acknowledging. Any change in a child’s life can be a challenge

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Anti-Bullying Tips

There are a number of reasons why bullying starts, and none of them ever acceptable. When in the middle of all the pain and emotion it can be difficult to see clearly. But one thing is certain... Bullies never pick on people they perceive as being strong or confident. In other words the weaker someone appears, the easier target they are for a bully. As hard as we all try to eradicate it, bullying

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