How Well Does Your Child or Teen Sleep?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a massive increase in coaching young people who struggle to settle at night, they either can’t get to sleep or disturbed in the night so much they have next to no quality sleep (what’s known as REM sleep) and get up with the morning grumps or worse fragile emotions making them prone to anxiety and typical out of character behaviours. The reason for this increase has just

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How Does Social Media Anxiety Affect Your Teenager?

There’s something emerging in the mobile world that every parent must know about to protect the emotional well-being of their child. Social Media Anxiety Disorder is on the increase with many teenagers confessing to ‘being lost without their phone’ and admitting to checking it within a few minutes of waking up each morning (not to mention the average of 134 times during the day)! The concerning issue is around young people’s FOMO (Fear Of

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