Lack of Confidence Shapes A Child’s Future

It’s likely that most children at some stage of growing up will experience a dip in confidence and have short term low self esteem. It could be a change of school, challenges with friends or just changes at home that make them feel unsettled for a while. But what happens when momentary lack of confidence turns into something that controls their thoughts, feelings and emotions and life choices? Bullying, body issues, home insecurities or

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Self Belief… Why An Elephant Never Forgets!

Belief Systems... What you believe and feel as an adult is largely from what you experienced as a child. Past experiences can significantly influence future results, especially confidence and processing positive and negative thought patterns. Belief systems are a form of labeling and create development barriers, limiting the brain to expand beyond the familiar. Self belief is a very important mentality and can help or hinder a child’s development and life. To help you

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