If I Coached Will Smith About Controlling Anger

My Reaction to the Will Smith Slap! How I would Coach Will Smith to control his anger and impulses. You've no doubt heard about and seen the viral video of the now infamous Will Smith Chris Rock slap! As Will Smith attacks Chris Rock in an outburst of anger and lack of self-control. If I coached Will Smith (or anyone) to control their anger and violent

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Help Your Child Be More Positive

Watch the short video above. It's not what happens to us, but how we respond, label, judge and process the situation or circumstance is what matters. Isn't it? Our experiences are neither good or bad in that moment, it’s how we process and label them, that makes all the difference. Any questions, please ask. Big smiles!  Annette x

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When Your Child Says They Hate You

How does it feel when your Child/Teen says they “Hate” something?  Awful of course and it often touches a nerve deep down. It’s a hard thing to hear when your child/teen says they “Hate” something. This is usually an outburst based on another behavioural trigger or situation, so they don’t really “hate” the thing, as such, although they can be very convincing. They are usually expressing

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