Does Your Child Have Problems With Social Confidence?

For example... they are unable to make Friends, often come across as Shy or Introverted, find it harder to Interact and Communicate, spend more time alone in their room, or stuck on their screen and having an increasingly negative attitude towards life (especially in the current situation)? 

Then NOW is the Time To Do Something About It!

Read on and learn more about my NEW Live and Interactive Group Coaching Course Starting Soon! I invite you to enrol your child/teen and learn many Powerful/Practical tools and techniques to overcome Debilitating and Highly Limiting Social Awkwardness for GOOD!

New Course Starts Friday 16th April at 5pm. Book Now.

Imagine how good your child or teen would feel (and you!) if they got much better at Social Communication and more Comfortable in Social Situations.

One of the most common problems I see from Parents is their child or teenager having anxieties/barriers around Social Confidence. They ask me all the time if I can help, so I have now decided to offer a special Live Group Coaching Course on Zoom that will solve this problem once and for all. 

It's called 'Social Confidence Transformation' and over 4 consecutive informative and fun-packed weeks your child/teen (age 8 upwards) will get the following:


  • Setting Yourself Up For Success With This Training
  • Body Language Skills
  • Effective Eye contact
  • How to SPEAK UP for yourself and be more Assertive!


  • Learn The Friendship Recipe
  • Practical Assertiveness in Friendships
  • Handling Disagreements
  • FOMO
  • The Best Ways to RESPOND


  • How To Boost Self-Belief
  • Fear of Rejection or Looking Foolish
  • Changing Inner Self-Talk
  • Controlling Emotional Triggers
  • Handling Negative Thoughts Before They Take Over


  • Overcoming Shyness and Nerves
  • Social Confidence Checklist
  • Practical Formula to Practice and Follow
  • Test Your New Social Confidence

Point to Remember: Each topic is covered in Bitesize sections so your child/teen will not feel overwhelmed or confused.  🙂

At the end of the Coaching you and your Child/Teen will complete a short evaluation to assess their new developed skills and then they will get a personally signed (by Annette) Certificate of Achievement which will be emailed.

Please note: These skills and techniques are NOT taught in School or anywhere else for that matter... and the 'learn-by-experience' method is the WORST way a child can learn. 

Book your child or teen's place now for a limited number of dates I'm offering this... as you will see below. 

The question you need to ask yourself is what is a lack of Social Confidence going to cost your Child/Teen now and in the future?

The Mind patterns and thought processes a child develops when they are young carries through to later life... which, if not dealt with earlier can have a detrimental effect on Confidence, Communication and Life Success.

Now is the time to create the right thoughts and behaviours that will help them develop the essential life-skills they need for today and tomorrow. 

This Live Coaching is full of practical tips and techniques your child or teen WILL want to use. Because they work! 

Are You Ready To Help Your Child/Teen (age 8 upwards) Overcome Their Challenges With Social Confidence? Then Enrol Them On 'Social Confidence Transformation' NOW Choose One of Our Upcoming Dates and Times Below

Each session is 30 minutes in duration and is very interactive, informative and fun! Included with the Live Coaching is downloadable learning summary sheets to reinforce points and techniques your child can use.

All our Coaching is engaging, interactive and enjoyable for Kids and Young People. They will love it -- just like 100's of others! 


£95 Per Child

This is less than £25 per session and a lot less than what Annette charges per private Coaching session.

  • 4 Super Helpful and Effective Online Live Group Coaching Sessions with Annette on Zoom
  • Same Time Every Week for 4 Weeks
  • Downloadable Learning Summary Sheets
  • Personal Certificate of Achievement
  • Limited Places

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“Choices are the hinges of destiny.”

—Edwin Markham