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Life is a maze, and traversing it requires confidence, resilience, and emotional dexterity.

Self Confidence and Life Skills Coaching

Guiding kids and teens as a dedicated Self Confidence and Life Skills Coach, Annette helps young people to discover their own unique strengths, unlock their hidden talents, and build a strong mindset that promotes self-confidence, personal growth, and essential life skills that pave the path towards their future success.

Neurodivergent Coaching

Specialising in Neurodiverse/ Neurodivergent Coaching for children and teens, Annette provides a nurturing and understanding environment where young people with diverse brain functions can thrive. She’s committed to helping them navigate their unique abilities, foster self-confidence, and build essential life skills.

Young Adult

The Only Young Adult Mentorship/Coaching Program that’s 100% Customised to Fit With Your Teens Unique Traits, Talents, Ideal Learning Style & the Precise Goals They Want To Achieve.

“It’s as if Annette discovered an internal compass… my child has found a new direction”!

“It’s as if Annette discovered an internal compass… my child has found a new direction”!

These are the words echoed by many Parents who’ve experienced Annette’s unique approach. Take a look at our reviews on Trustpilot to witness the real-life transformations brought about by CHAMPS Academy.

In today’s world of complex challenges and swift changes, every child/teen deserves an ally who can empower them to perform at their best. At CHAMPS Academy, we build bridges, connecting your child with tools that will aid their journey.

It’s not just about solving problems for them—it’s also about equipping them to face any hurdle life throws their way.

When you entrust your child/teen’s journey to us, you’re aligning them with a trusted friend and advisor who will guide them towards self confidence and self assurance.

Annette’s coaching isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s customised and crafted specifically for each individual, enabling them to utilise Annette’s unique coaching methods optimally in their lives.

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