Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching for Children and Teens

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Self Confidence is at the heart of happiness and success in life. It’s the key that opens every door for young people.


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Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching for Children and Teens

Self Confidence is at the heart of happiness and success in life. It’s the key that opens every door for young people.

Want your child or teen to have a higher more positive and confident opinion of themselves? Equip them with the self-confidence to handle the challenges of growing up! 

“We have our happy, cheeky boy back!”

This is just one of the many comments we receive from parents. But before finding CHAMPS Academy, they were at their wits’ end with their child’s self-confidence at an all-time low.

They were spiraling into a dark place – unhappy, anxious, and consumed by negative thoughts.

They felt worthless and were ready to give up on themselves. But CHAMPS Academy’s program was a turning point.

Our personal guidance helped the child rediscover inner strength, build resilience, and embrace a positive mindset.

When Your Child/Teen’s Self-Confidence Starts To Fade

Has your child’s self-confidence taken an unexpected dip, leaving you concerned?

Whether it’s a sudden shift or a gradual erosion, it’s natural for parents to explore various activities in hopes of boosting self-esteem. However, traditional after-school programs and sports, etc. can help a bit. But, they don’t fully tackle the issue.

“No one is 100% confident 100% of the time. Confidence is a journey, not a destination. Even the most self-assured individuals have moments of doubt and vulnerability. Social media may portray an illusion of unwavering confidence, but behind the curated posts and celebrity personas, we’re all navigating the ebb and flow of life’s ups and downs.” Annette Du Bois

Here’s a quick example of the distorted perception of confidence:

Confidence is a fascinating concept – our perception of it can be vastly different depending on the context. Let’s explore this through a simple exercise.

Think of a skill or natural attribute that you excel at, something that comes effortlessly to you. It could be a sport, an artistic talent, or a subject you’ve mastered over the years.

When you engage in this activity, you likely feel a sense of ease, assurance, and self-belief in your abilities. Confidence flows naturally, like a well-trodden path.

Now, shift your focus to a skill or activity outside your comfort zone, something you’ve yet to fully grasp or master. Perhaps it’s a new hobby, a complex task at work, or a subject you’re just starting to explore.

In this unfamiliar territory, you may experience doubts, uncertainties, and a lack of knowledge or experience. These factors can naturally erode your confidence levels, at least initially, until you become more familiar and proficient.

This contrast highlights how our confidence levels can fluctuate based on our perceived mastery or unfamiliarity with a given task or skill. It’s a reminder that confidence is not a fixed trait, but a fluid state that ebbs and flows depending on our experiences and the challenges we face.

The example exposes the myth – that confidence in one area means confidence across all areas. Recognising this dispels the oversimplified notion that confidence in one area covers everything!

Confidence Coaching with Annette DuBois

Children’s Confidence Fluctuates 

As children mature, they encounter various experiences that can impact their confidence levels, creating doubt about their abilities and leaving them feeling uncertain and lost.

From academic pressures like exams and assessments starting in primary school to the increasing competitiveness and challenges of advancing through sports teams, numerous factors can influence your child/teen’s self-assurance at different ages and developmental stages.

Friendship Issues

Friendships hugely impact a child/teen’s confidence. From social dramas, struggles for popularity, to shifting peer hierarchies can lead to anxiety, awkwardness, isolation, and exclusion.

Navigating these dynamics during vital developmental years can deeply affect a child/teen’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Additionally, many children face the growing challenge of attending school regularly. The overwhelming nature of the school environment can often trigger anxiety and even depression, making it difficult for some students to attend classes consistently.

These factors, among others, can profoundly impact a child/teen’s self-esteem, motivation, mindset, and self-belief. Without practical strategies to address them, children and teenagers may face a lifetime of limitations, doubts, despair, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and depression.

Because The Way Our Minds Area Wired, We Do Not Grow Out Of Negative Patterns, We Actually Reinforce Them! Otherwise known as Neural Pathway Conditioning.

Our brains (especially those still developing in young people) have a natural tendency towards negativity. This “negativity bias” is thought to be an evolutionary holdover, helping us stay alert to potential threats.

But the problem is, it can lead to:

Rumination: Dwelling on negative thoughts strengthens the neural pathways associated with negativity, making it easier to fall back into those patterns.

Anxiety and worry: Frequent worry strengthens the connections between negative thoughts and emotional responses like anxiety.


Here’s How To Positively Reshape and Condition Your Child/Teen’s Mind 

Getting coached by Annette Du Bois will consciously interrupt negative thought patterns by focusing on reframing them positively. It will weaken those negative-based connections and strengthen new, optimistic and more confident ones.

Picture this – imagine giving your child/teen a ‘life toolkit’ filled with practical tips and real-world strategies to help them tackle the ups and downs of growing up.

With these tools in their arsenal, they’ll be able to:

  • Handle disappointments
  • Overcome mistakes
  • Be more assertive around others to build stronger friendships
  • Persevere through boring and mundane homework to gain a sense of satisfaction and pride in their efforts

It’s all about helping them feel confident and the empowering sense of “I’ve got this” when life gets tough.

Many Parents Say…

Many parents have shared how they’ve tried tons of advice and resources to help their kids through the challenges of growing up, but ended up feeling like they could be making things worse or noticed their relationship starting to suffer.

Instead of relying on generic advice, or allowing negative ‘mind patterns’ to reinforce, give your child/teen our practical and proven confidence coaching tailored to their personal needs.

Through personalised coaching/mentoring, we’ll equip your son or daughter with relevant, practical tools to develop the essential life skills they need to thrive.

Having a professional mentor who’s highly experienced with young people and understands the real challenges they face today can make a world of difference.

This isn’t just some textbook theory either – Annette is someone who has hands-on experience helping kids work through the nitty-gritty issues they deal with every day.

With relevant, practical guidance tailored specifically to your child/teen’s needs, a coach/mentor like Annette can rapidly build up their confidence and self-assurance in a way that sticks.

And in ways they can actually use in real life!

You’ll see real, meaningful changes in how your son or daughter carries themselves and approaches life’s obstacles. It’s an inside perspective that connects in a way generic advice just can’t.

Having a professional coach/mentor, whose very experienced in the actual challenges young people are facing now, creates a rapid but lasting difference in effectiveness.

And importantly in that positive shift in your child/teen’s confidence and self-assurance.

Annette Du Bois Coaching

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Annette’s approach is distinct from counseling or therapy. Rather than engaging in endless discussions or making your child/teen feel interrogated with probing questions about their emotions, Annette focuses on practical, action-oriented guidance.

Her unique methodology is designed to empower your child/teen with tangible strategies and skills, without delving into areas that may cause discomfort or confusion.

The emphasis is on building confidence and self-assurance through relatable, real-world techniques tailored to your child/teen’s unique needs and challenges.

Let Annette Du Bois Transform
Your Child / Teens Confidence

Believe in Your Confidence

Helping your child/teen truly find their confident superpower.

Emotional Resilience

Build Strong Emotions

Help them be emotionally stronger and mentally effective.

More Happier and Relaxed

Seeing your child/teen happier and smiling again is priceless!

Annette’s unique abilities set her apart from others in her field. She is indeed the only coach that can truly transform your child or teen’s life in ways you thought were impossible. There’s good reason she is considered by many to be the world’s Number 01 Confidence and Life-Strategy Coach for young people.

The decision to choose her as your child/teens coach can be the key to a way out of their problems as well as prime them for future success.

Will your child be the next to reap the benefits of Annette Du Bois’ highly effective coaching? Chat with Annette now and discover the possibilities. 

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