‘Hear from a select number of Very Happy Parents and Kids/Teens who Annette has helped.’

Here’s just a few of the many Parents whose Children/Teens Annette has Coached and what they have got from the Coaching. 

Note: Annette works with Kids and Young People aged between 6-19 and below are just a few examples.

“Tom (18) suffered with extreme anxiety, low self esteem and lacking in confidence.”

Hi, my name is Sam and I wanted to share the story of how my son Tom has been helped by working with Champs Academy and with Annette. Tom is now 18 and was suffering with quite extreme anxiety, low self esteem and the lack of confidence. And as a mother, I was really worried about him. I just didn’t know how I could help him. And so I reached out to Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) and I had read some other testimonials on the website and was interested to find out more. This is what happened.

“My daughter was able to open up about her feelings for the first time”

Mum of two teenage daughters Phillipa talks about Annette Du Bois helped them become more confident and mentally stronger in this challenging world.

“Mum Reveals How Annette Helped Her 17 Year Old Son After An Emotional Breakdown.”

This is what Mum of 17 year old Jason did to help her son find his confidence and self belief.

The results after being Coached by Annette Du Bois is staggering.

From Stammering To Poetry Champion! (age 9)

Meet 9-year-old Aman, a bright boy with so much to say, but he struggled with nerves and anxiety especially in larger groups and found it hard to articulate himself… not getting his point across, becoming muddled and unsure as to what he is trying to say.

His peers were forming an opinion on him and switching off, not really interested in what he had to say.

And after having the coaching with Annette… he was able to… well, see for yourself! This is Aman’s winning performance of a recent Poetry competition (which he won!).

Overcoming his fears and social anxieties to become articulate, confident and happier. And a winner!

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Joshua (aged 7) really struggled with managing frustrations and disappointments.

7-year-old Joshua really struggled with managing frustrations and disappointments, especially on the football pitch. Often getting cross with himself and effecting his ability to overcome the small setbacks, as well as it filtering through to home and School life.

After the Emotional Resilience coaching package, he was equipped with the skills to help manage emotions and challenges, making him feel confident, happier and in control.

Lexi (aged 8) is a brilliant dancer.

The problem was when the pressure was on to perform in competitions and groups, she would become extremely nervous to the point of tears and giving up. Because of this she, was replaced by another more confident girl in a dance group, which was when her Mum got in touch, looking for help.

The coaching focused on developing stronger self-belief and inner confidence, manage the nerves and overcome the perceived fears of failure and disappointment.

Her inner confidence has been super charged and now she’s able to go to auditions and photoshoots with success.

ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s and other developmental conditions was helped through Annette’s unique and exclusive coaching approach.

Watch how Annette helped this autistic girl go from shy, anxious and worried to confident, happy and develop higher self-esteem.

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