What Problems Are You Having With Your Child?

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There’s no doubt about it, growing up is tough these days. With so much stress, pressure and complexities to their lives, young people are finding it really difficult to manage everyday life.

And as a parent it’s difficult to keep up with everything, you do your best to understand, talk to them or be involved in their lives, but somehow they seem to be struggling, lacking confidence and emotionally drained or so uptight it’s like walking on eggshells?

You feel they’re not being open with you and the more you try and talk to them, the worst it seems to get and still you’re trying to figure out what to do for the best.

You’re not alone and many parents around the country feel like this too, helpless to know how to support their child or teenager to navigate the obstacles and emotional roller coaster of growing up.

If you feel out of your depth with…

  • understanding the maze of Social Media, Online Gaming or Chat Rooms
  • how to help your child through the ferocity of cliques, excluding and the various ‘codes
  • where your child’s emotional outbursts or mind-based issues may lead
  • if your child is going to self-harm
  • and many other concerns

.. then I want to help you understand the world your child is now growing up in and how you can support them through it, feeling happier and reassured.

I will soon be launching a live Parent Web-Meet to cover your biggest concerns and what secrets your child may not tell you about.

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