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Parent Club: Your Weekly Dose of Parenting Awesomeness (by Annette Du Bois)

Ever feel like you’re navigating the wild world of raising kids with a blindfold on? (Don’t worry, it’s normal!)

That’s why Annette created The Parent Club: your free weekly email newsletter packed with support, tips, and hacks to turn those “whys?” into “wows!”

Think of it as your virtual high five: ✋

🟠 Clear Your Mind of Overwhelm: Ditch the endless advice-scrolling! Get clear, actionable tips based on Annette’s expertise as one of the most sought after coaches in the world.

🟠 Confused about the latest parenting methods? Ask me anything – no judgment, just honest answers just when you need them. Readers can send in their relevant questions for topics to cover in future newsletters.

Obviously this is subject to the number of questions Annette receives and in what order?

🟠 Need a quick win? The email newsletter is sent to your inbox usually once per week and is fluff and BS free.

🟠 Most importantly, feel supported! This isn’t just a newsletter, it’s more a support mechanism, where you’re cheered on your parenting journey.

This isn’t about lectures or “am I doing it right?” guilt trips. The Parent Club is about creating a positive, uplifting educational space where you can learn, grow, and feel more confident as a parent.

Not only that, this will be our source of communication for anything and all things helpful to you as a parent and an individual.

Don’t miss out! Sign up now (membership is currently free) and unlock the parenting awesomeness that awaits.

Join the Parent Club now – not tomorrow, not next week, but today. Remember, the only investment required here is your time (and not a lot of it either, as the newsletter is a quickish read) and willingness to learn.

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