Online Courses & Workshops That Help Your Child Learn The Skills and Develop the Tools They Need to Succeed in Life Today!

More than just confidence building... but REAL Life Tools!

CHAMPS Academy Courses provide your child or teen with specific, interactive and proven results to give them the advantage in all aspects of life.

Life is a lot more complex and growing up is tough, we understand this and want to help your child navigate through life equipped to handle anything they face. These courses will unlock their true potential so growing up is an exciting adventure to be embraced, enjoyed and lived to the full!


Other than our 1:1 Personal and private Coaching sessions, online courses and trainings are one of the most preferred methods and the best way for young people to learn and engage today. Our deep analysis, tests and results back this up!

They can do it ALL from within the CHAMPS Academy Courses Mobile App on their device. This is hugely convenient, personal and effective.

This means your child/teen can access the training at their convenience and fully immerse themselves in the tools, techniques and methods without having to worry about travel, other people or anything else.

A Unique Approach To Online Learning 

Our philosophy and methodology of training and helping young people is way DIFFERENT to everyone else's. 

First and foremost we realise when you invest in a course with us for your child or teen you're serious about them getting the help they need to move their mind and emotions forward to overcome their challenges.

The biggest question that can concern some parents is will the investment in the course be worth it and will my child actually engage and complete the courses? 

  • User-friendly Mobile App, making accessing and learning easy-peasy!  

  • Short and concise modules with multi-sensory learning built in (Video, written and audio elements), ensuring lack of overwhelm, disengagement and drop out.

  • From our tests young people have really embraced and engaged with our course content and platform and get the maximum out of the course, they will take action, complete it and get the results.

  • And just because it’s an online course does not mean they are left to their own devices. Every course and member are overseen by Annette Du Bois herself to ensure learning, attention and completion.

Another reason you can be rest-assured is because we have worked tirelessly to make sure our courses are engaging to young audience, entertaining whilst being hugely educational and tap into their "gameification" reward mechanism. 

  • 'Action and Completion Rewards' these hook our young members so they keep coming back for more!

  • Reward Badges for completing a specific course element or achievement.

  • Surprise Bonuses and Prizes.

  • Support emails, or SMS messages (in-App Push-Notifications) to help our members stay motivated and encouraged.

  • Point Accumulation for accomplishing goals or finishing assignments /actions. These will lead to specific surprise rewards and prizes that come with the course.

  • Loss of Interest / Momentum Measures integrated. Simply put, if your child/teen loses interest at any time during the course, specific and relevant support will be offered to get them back on track. 

Our Popular Courses

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Angry To C.A.L.M

Does your child get angry more often than you'd like? Then this course could really help them.

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Bully Proof

If your child being bullied, teased or tormented, then they will gain MASSIVE benefit from this course. 

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Overcome Anxiety 

Learn powerful techniques that your child/teen can actually use to overcome their limiting feelings and emotions. 

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