Introducing Our Latest and Most Developed Online Course To Help Your Child Unlock Super Confidence And Unlimited Potential

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Go From The Mind-Maze To Amazing

A 6 Module 100% Online Course* (with Guidance and Support) That Will Change Your Child/Teens Confidence and Behaviour.

The course is based upon Annette Du Bois' 'Unlocked Potential' Process, its flexible and your child/teen WILL stick with it.

It fits into YOUR busy schedule and gives your child/teen the freedom to learn at their own pace and time-frame.

*Includes continued access for 12 months. So you can revisit the modules at any time. 

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6 Module Online Course

A Module is released every week and comes packed with usable, helpful and relatable content your child/teen can use.

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Mobile Flexible Learning

This unique course is also available on our Mobile App and on any device for ease of access to aid your child's learning.

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Engaging and Rewarding

Rest assured your investment is worth it. Our course is designed to stimulate reward mechanisms.

If your Child/Teens Confidence is at a low point... this will give them the lift they need!

Hundreds of parents have come to CHAMPS Academy for help over the last few years feeling helpless and desperate to help their child/teen and the 'Unlocked Potential' Course is a great and affordable way forward for you and your family.

This course is full of practical tips and techniques your child or teen WILL want to use. Because they work! 

It's not theory! But gives them tools they can rely on, when it really matters.

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Life Today for Young People is Very Challenging, Complex and Confronting...

Maintaining a level of Self-Confidence and Self-Assurance is critical if your child is to thrive and develop into a well-rounded and happy adult. 

More and more children lack Confidence (and the essential Life-Tools/Skills) and this really affects every aspect of their lives and emotions.

But you'll already feel that something has to change. Leaving it and hoping it will pass is not an option. 

That's Why This Course Was Created... Because It Will Really Help Them Unlock Their True Potential! 

  • Unlock Super Confidence. Not the arrogant type of confidence, but the Self-Assurance and Certainty every child and young person needs. 
  • Unlock Effective Communication. Develop the skills and tools to Speak Up, Present Yourself and get your Point Across in style. 
  • Unlock Emotional Control. Learn to control and manage life's emotions and feelings. 
  • Unlock Positive Mindset and Self-Belief. This will set them up for success and allow their true potential to shine through. Applies to life-online and offline. 
  • Unlock Peak Performance. Get the tools and techniques that will unleash the Ultimate You and open new doors and opportunities growing up. 
  • And MUCH More!

A Much Needed Course For A Much Challenged Time

Growing today up is tough for any child/teen, it’s got way more complex than it used to be and in truth many parents struggle to know what to do for the best.

Swaying between the soft nurturing to tough love, searching for answers in books, audios and the constant scrolling on the internet or Social Media for the elusive answer!

If you have done this, then you're not alone, most parents have. But for the most part they're ineffective or don't translate to your actual situation or circumstances. 

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Get More Info About Annette's Brand New Ground-Breaking Course 'Unlocked Potential' 

If you are looking to help your Child/Teen Create Super levels of Confidence and Unlock their true Potential to grow up Happy and 'Life-Ready' then this course is for you (and them!).