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Angry To C.A.L.M Course

Help Your Child/Teen Learn How To Beat Angry Outbursts, Emotional Overload and CALM Their Mind! 

The Angry to C.A.L.M 4-Week Online Course helps your child or teen control their emotions, thoughts and feelings around Anger and help them find quick, easy and effective ways to keep calm and in charge of how they feel.

For you both (Parent and Child), living through the emotional rollercoaster of growing up can be tough, and not a lot of fun at times. Although it feels a serious issue when it happens, this course will inject some fun and joy back into your child’s life and help them better manage their anger, remain more resourceful and calmer no matter what the challenge. Together we will calm the Angry storms and bring back their sunny smiles. ;-)

Suitable Age Groups:

Typically, 8-14 years. If your child is younger, we recommend you actively go through with your child to support their learning and be more involved in the course with them. If you have an older teen, please contact us for specific guidance on suitability.

Course Overview:

Each module contains inspirational and educational videos, downloads and interactive scenarios to aid learning and retention of the course content. It encourages your child to think differently and more resourcefully in the areas they are currently struggling in such as over-reaction and angry outbursts.

The action steps help your child implement the tools they’ve learnt into their everyday life, such as where the emotional triggers normally happen. Using the typical situations they experience to adopt the new skills and finally begin to control how they feel. This is a very powerful aspect of the course as they begin to positively benefit from what they’ve learnt. When this happens, it’s a proud and profound moment for them.

The assignments at the end of each module are fun and create a level of deeper commitment to the course. And each new module only gets unlocked when they’ve completed the action steps and assignments from the one they’re in. This is a great way to continue the positive momentum and also allows us to offer specific support at any point in the course to avoid the loss of focus and to get them back on track quickly.

In return they’re rewarded with the special achievement badges to celebrate their progress, step-by-step.

Here’s a deeper look at the course:

Get Started Pre-module:

  • Course Overview including helpful Parent Guide
  • Setting expectations
  • Downloadable Course Commitment Pledge
  • Understanding about anger, why it happens
  • CHAMPS Angry to C.A.L.M Success-Ometer
  • How to achieve course success
  • Outcome: ‘After this course you will…’

Module 1: C = Communication:

  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • Calming the Catastrophising
  • Negative language into positive actions
  • Attitude, Behaviour, Communication Download
  • Action Steps & Assignment

Module 2: A = Attitude:

  • Paying it forward
  • Stinking to Strong Attitude
  • Behaviour Echo
  • Stop, Listen, Respond Download
  • Action Steps & Assignment

Module 3: L = Labels:

  • Judgements, opinions and self-criticisms stick
  • Why we’re like the elephant that never forgets
  • Self-Doubt into Self-Belief
  • How to Separate Emotion Download
  • Action Steps & Assignment

Module 4: M = Mind Magnet:

  • We get what we think about
  • Discover an important ancient part of the brain
  • Get unstuck from negative barriers and mind obstacles
  • Choose What Day You’ll Have Download
  • Action Steps & Assignment

Course Completion Post-module:

  • What you’ve learnt, including helpful Parent Checklist
  • Bonus exercise to understand the importance of regular practice
  • CHAMPS Angry to C.A.L.M Success-Ometer
  • Outcome… “Because of this course I can now…”
  • Special bonus final reward

Now is the time to overcome, control and transform ANGER in your child/teen. 

Your child's mental well-being is one of the most important things in their life to master, because their future depends on it. 

Enrol Now. 

What Parents Are Saying:

“I think in the best thing was to hear how similar all the situations you and other parents spoke about were to mine. It’s always good to know these struggles are universal. I think the take home tips to try are useful and also open family Conversation about the topics which can be hard to approach otherwise. Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon (Hello Magazine) ”

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

“It was very clear and concise and I was able to make notes and really understood the concepts of each section covered. I have now made a little CALM poster to remind myself... the squeezing pillow technique has been really helpful and the open ended questions have definitely worked - it has allowed my daughter to open up more freely and actually discuss how she feels rather than getting really angry. It’s made me step back and cut off the emotion at that point and really listen and engage more with her and not let myself get heated! The calmer approach is definitely the way forward and I must just try and lead by example and really try to stay calm when she gets heated so that we can both understand what the problem is so that I can them help her - help herself with how it’s dealt with. Thanks again.”