Coaching Case Study

Meet Rania

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Learn how Annette helped 14-year-old Rania after she was diagnosed with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition)

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Coaching Case Study

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Meet Rania

Learn how Annette helped 14-year-old Rania after she was diagnosed with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition)

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Neurodivergent Coaching with Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) Case Study:
Rania, a 14-year-old, was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)

For her mother, the late diagnosis felt overwhelming, leaving her uncertain about the best path forward to support her daughter.

While Rania’s emotional meltdowns extended beyond typical teenage turbulence, her mother also noticed her daughter’s increasing social withdrawal and feelings of isolation, which raised concerns.

Although therapy is a common approach, Rania’s mother wasn’t convinced it was the right solution for her daughter’s unique needs.

Rania’s mother recalled a family member diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) who had benefited from adult coaching to manage daily life with their condition.

Inspired by this memory, one night she began researching whether similar coaching services existed for teenagers on the autism spectrum, like her daughter.

This is when she found Annette and CHAMPS Academy.

Coaching Experience + Free Trial Session:

In supporting young people, it’s crucial to ensure a suitable match and rapport between them and the coach.

Through her Neurodiversity Coaching, Annette offers a complimentary, no-obligation introductory session via Zoom or other video platforms. This initial session allows you to get acquainted with Annette and feel more comfortable with her approach, ensuring a seamless transition into the coaching process.

champs academy teen coaching process

This is Annette’s typical coaching process

It’s NOT Therapy or Counselling — It’s Much Better!

Unlike traditional therapy and counselling, Annette’s coaching embraces an open and inclusive approach. She encourages parents to be present and actively involved in the sessions if the child or teen prefers this arrangement.

This collaborative dynamic helps alleviate any nerves or apprehensions the young person may experience, fostering a more comfortable and supportive environment for growth and openness.

Annette’s Relaxed, Practical and Empathic Approach is Super Helpful

Through a relaxed and practical approach, Annette shared helpful tools that Rania found engaging and useful for achieving a greater sense of calm and focus.

The introductory session allowed Rania to explore the possibility of receiving positive and practical support tailored to her unique needs. This support not only addresses the challenges she faces but also builds her confidence and self-assurance.

The Free Trial Coaching Session with Annette was a Success for Rania

After the promising introductory session, Rania felt hopeful and motivated to proceed with the coaching program.

This is where Annette’s specialised S.P.E.C.T.R.M coaching formula came into its own and equipped Rania with essential skills and strategies to navigate social situations with greater confidence.

The comprehensive coaching package included supporting materials in a personalised online members area, providing Rania with a valuable resource to reinforce her learnings and refer back to regularly.


Not only did Rania benefit from the coaching, but at the end of each  week, the Personal Assignment provided Rania with an opportunity to apply her newly acquired knowledge and demonstrate her progress.

This hands-on approach proved empowering, allowing the young person to visibly witness and experience these transformative changes as they unfolded.

Annette’s Proprietary EBR Process

A pivotal element of the coaching program tailored to support Rania’s neurodivergent needs was Annette’s Environment Behaviour Re-engineering (EBR) process.

This process equips parents and children with the necessary skills to create a more conducive environment and modify behaviours, rather than attempting to ‘fix’ the individual. The focus is on fostering adaptation and positive change through practical strategies.

Practical and Focused Help for Parents Too!

Complementing the coaching program, Annette offers Parent Mentoring sessions, further enhancing the Environment Behaviour Re-engineering (EBR) process. These sessions equip both parents and children with the necessary skills to adapt their environments (home, school, and other settings where possible) and modify behaviours, creating a more supportive and inclusive atmosphere for growth.

Annette is a firm advocate for embracing neurodiversity, rather than attempting to ‘fix’ the individual. Her approach focuses on adapting to the unique challenges each person faces, while simultaneously enhancing their wonderful qualities and hidden talents.

This holistic perspective celebrates the inherent strengths of neurodivergent individuals.

Annette Du Bois Coaching

Making Great Progress So Far!

Rania has made significant progress through the coaching program so far, including crucial advancements in social aspects. With subtle support from the school, she has begun to build stronger relationships with a few classmates, fostering meaningful connections that were previously challenging.

Managing Pushback and Natural Resistance with Ease

Naturally, there have been challenges and occasional resistance along the way, moments when Rania felt fatigued or hesitant to engage. However, Annette has been instrumental in helping both Rania and her mother navigate these hurdles effectively, providing appropriate guidance and support to overcome such obstacles.

Neurodivergent Coaching Pushback

Progress is an ongoing process, and through Neurodiversity Coaching, noticeable improvements often manifest in specific areas more rapidly. However, certain aspects may require a more gradual approach, with improvements becoming evident over time due to the accumulative effect of the strategies and techniques used.

What Rania’s Mum Thought

“I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I find it challenging to describe the feeling of seeing my daughter smile and talk about her friend! Before the coaching with Annette, I couldn’t foresee this as Rania was desperately struggling to engage with her peers and felt very lonely.

The most significant realisation of this massive change came when we had Rania’s friend over for a few hours during the holidays. Annette helped me set this up and offered sound advice on preparing Rania, creating a conducive environment, and knowing when to ‘step back’ to give them some teenage space.

While this is a lifelong journey, and we must continue using the strategies and tools Annette’s coaching has equipped us with, I feel more assured about Rania’s future as a young adult and beyond.

This practical approach of coaching for young people with autism or other neurodivergent needs is such a positive approach to embracing the challenges my daughter faces living in society and developing her amazing musical ability (which she’d completely withdrawn from because of her lack of confidence).”

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