Time To Keep The Momentum Going with Annette’s Exclusive Mentoring .

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Keep up the good work and let’s take the Coaching to the next level!


After all Annette created in the Coaching let’s maintain and increase the highest levels of Inspiration and Creativity to conquer any setback or problem. Annette will continue to super-charge your Child/Teen to find and access more of their flow-state.


After Annette unlocked your Childs/Teens Belief in themselves, its time to ‘up the ante’ by setting worthier and attainable goals. No matter what the environment, be it at School or at Home… let nothing stand in their way. It’s Green for GO!


With the impact and breakthroughs created with the initial Coaching with Annette… its vital to keep Motivated and Enthusiastic for facing challenges and changes as they arise (which they will of course). With more of Annette’s expert and personal coaching your Child/Teen will fly high and stay on top form.

Momentum Mentoring Includes:

Personal Coaching Session

1 x 30 minute coaching session per month with Annette

Special Training Video 

1 special training video per month (accessed via the members area)

Exclusive Newsletter

The ‘Inspire Me’ email Newsletter every month. Great tips for success, happiness and growth for young people.

Let the Journey and Breakthroughs Continue…

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Download Mentoring Summary Guide