It’s likely that most children at some stage of growing up will experience a dip in confidence and have short term low self esteem. It could be a change of school, challenges with friends or just changes at home that make them feel unsettled for a while.

But what happens when momentary lack of confidence turns into something that controls their thoughts, feelings and emotions and life choices? Bullying, body issues, home insecurities or other problems that create long term confidence issues has a lasting legacy.

This was evident in episode2 of Hillary Devey’s new Channel4 program ‘The Intern’, featuring Lisa Palmer, had a passion for fashion, which came about from being bullied in her younger years about her weight, etc.

Throughout the program you could see that Lisa was meant to work in fashion but the one thing that could have prevented her from achieving her dream was her obvious lack of confidence.

This is the sad truth of so many people who have a dream in their head but few get to actually achieve it as they remain shackled to their past. Things that were said and done in childhood get carried forward with all the demoralising and debilitating memories preventing them from achieving their ultimate aspirations.

Thankfully Lisa’s passion for fashion carried her through to be The Intern at, but I wonder what opportunities Lisa may have missed through her lack of confidence, had things not worked out on the program?

How has the memories, feelings and emotions of your childhood influenced your adult life?