C.H.A.M.P.S Academy A5 flyer to promote your classes.

This is the double flyer template you can opt to print yourself and cut in half if you wanted to hand a few out locally to you.

[membership_download_item_zip link=”https://www.champs-academy.co.uk/support/a5-flyer.zip” + target=”_self”]Download Double A5 flyer template Here>>[/membership_download_item_zip]

For larger quantities you could opt for using a professional printer, please use this single A5 flyer template.

[membership_download_item_zip link=”https://www.champs-academy.co.uk/support/a5-flyer-single.zip” + target=”_self”]Download single A5 flyer template Here>>[/membership_download_item_zip]

Printer suggestions:

  • http://www.myprint-247.co.uk/ provide an affordable and quick service
  • http://www.printing.com have some great monthly deals
  • Also Look for local printers near you as you could save on postage by collecting yourself

Guidelines for sending to a printer:

  • Download the file to your PC, this can take a few minutes depending on file size and internet speed (remember where you’ve saved it)
  • Complete any details on the printer web page you’re using
  • Opt for 170gsm or above for A5 flyer
  • Upload the file as directed on the printers web page
  • Confirm and pay
  • If you’re unsure of anything it’s best to contact the printer direct

Adding your details to the flyer:

  • For small print runs from home you can opt to write your contact details in or include a business card with it (depending on what your overall stragey for these are)
  • Or use printer labels (63.5×38.1mm – 21 per sheet) to print all your details and stick the label on each
  • If you’d prefer personalised details on the flyer my designer charges just £20 for adding your personal details on the image. Get in touch if you’d like this option.