Annette Interviews Lewis Hatchett about Overcoming Challenges in Sport and Life.

Recently Ian and I met up with and interviewed Lewis Hatchett, who had to overcome an extremely rare physical impairment to realise his dream of becoming a professional cricketer.

This is because he was born with Poland Syndrome, a rare condition that appears in around one in 100,000 births, for reasons still unknown, and manifests itself in a number of possible problems down one side of the body.

In many cases it results in an underdeveloped arm or hand – the television personality, Jeremy Beadle, was one such example – but Lewis is missing his right pectoral muscle and the two ribs that would have sat behind it.

We talk about overcoming advertisty, challenges and the limitations (or opportunities) of dis-ability and developing unwavering resilience.

I relate this back to what the young can learn from this and what they can do to become all they can be.