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    I’d love to help your child or teen gain more confidence and tools to help them overcome their life challenges and emotional problems.

Confidence Coaching in WIMBLEDON AND TOOTING AREA for Kids and Teens

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Hi I’m Leigh Stutchbury, the Kids and Teens Confidence and Life-Skills Coach in the Wimbledon and Tooting areas of London.

For the past few years I’ve been working with Schools teaching sports to kids and teens. I am a dual Australian-British citizen and gained a Bachelor of PDHPE degree in teaching.

I have found this work highly rewarding, however have observed in young people their lack of confidence and self-belief to achieve their best at School, in sports and life. I believe working with a more holistic approach can help a child truly maximize their potential.

I thoroughly enjoy helping and mentoring young people, so they can be positive and well-rounded individuals and as a CHAMPS Coach I can truly make a difference in their lives. Through the teaching of life skills, as well as confidence and mindset techniques I believe any child or teen can have the optimism, confidence and happiness they need and deserve. By making the young people of today more resourceful and resilient we can help create a positive and harmonious society.

Having been just a few years out of University, I totally understand the challenges that young people face in today’s world. Pressures from family, friends, online and the media can really add up and leave a young person feeling quite isolated and alone.

I believe as a CHAMPS Academy Coach that we can seriously make a difference in tackling these problems and helping your child to really enjoy and embrace life. From a personal perspective this process is extremely rewarding and brings a massive smile to my face!

I look forward to helping contribute to a community where young people prosper and strive towards successful personal development!

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How I Can Help Your Child/Teen

  • Confidence Coaching

  • Stress and Worries

  • Assertiveness

  • Positive Mindset

  • Communication Skills

  • Resilience and Relaxation

Services Available

  • Private Personal Coaching

    Available face-to-face at a suitable location.

  • Coaching by Skype

    Coaching by Skype Webcam at various times.

  • Confidence Workshops

    These run at various locations and times.

  • Confidence Club

    Classes are arranged throughout the year.

  • Confidence In The Classroom and Beyond©

    Specific solutions for struggling or challenged pupils.

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