The need for the services provided by CHAMPS Academy has never been greater.

Self-Confidence. Proactive Life-Skills. Stress-Resilience. Self-Belief. Emotional Strength etc.

You only have to have watched last nights BBC News at 6pm to see the crisis and to want of another metaphor… a ticking time bomb!

Although the piece started talking about Children living in poverty in Britain it also highlighted Children’s mental health up to the age of 14 and how it affects the rest of their adult lives.

Watch iPlayer here: (might only be available for a limited time to watch):
(about 18 minutes in)

There is also another piece on last nights Sky News:

This is what’s most notable:


Every community in the UK needs a CHAMPS Academy coach. That much is clear. Let’s change the future for kids and teens.

We are looking at many options to get funding for what we provide, this is not easy, but we won’t let that stop us!

This would certainly be helpful to CHAMPS Coaches in their respective areas.

Either way CHAMPS is growing because the crisis is here and we offer THE ultimate PROACTIVE solution rather than the reactive mainstream in the News etc.

It takes all of us working together for one common purpose…. to end child suffering and mental issues for good.

By CHAMPS Co-Founder Annette Du Bois