Weekends, evenings and school holidays are all times when children have more time on their hands than they know what to do with. And if not directed or have something planned, boredom quickly sets in along with the mischievous ways to either get attention or just occupy their time.

Admittedly there are times when children misbehave but often there’s a reason for it, and often it comes down to boredom.

Finding alternative ways to keep children amused doesn’t always have to cost (apart from your time) and when you tap into a child’s imagination there’s an everlasting amount of activities and adventures to be experienced.

  • Play Board Games (also teaches essential social skills like cooperation, taking turns and communication)
  • Play Catch – use different sized balls (great for motor skills and great fun)
  • Read Stories (get your child involved by adding special character voices for a super fun story and encouraging them to read if age appropriate)
  • Get Creative – how many different things can be experienced from a cardboard box and some crayons/pens, etc?
  • Go to the Park – a great way for kids to run, jump, climb and have fun – for free (just add refreshments or a picnic for a fun filled adventure)

These simple ways and others will encourage your child that there are other ways to entertain and enjoy time that doesn’t involve cost or sitting in front of the TV. When kids are actively involved in activities, boredom is hard to find!

By Annette Du Bois