Confidence Kick Start

A special discovery workshop for learning about Self-Confidence.

This is a very useful and practical confidence discovery workshop for ages 6-10 years and 11+ where your child or teen can come away with some great tools they can use.  Plus, it’s a great introduction to what your local CHAMPS Academy coach can offer you.

  • Does your child or teen struggle to speak up in a group?
  • Their mind goes blank and we can’t think of anything to say, feeling awkward and embarrassed?
  • Feel they’re always quiet and shy, then get angry with themselves?
  • Scared and worried all the time about what others think and say about them?

Although they think they’re the only one like this, they’re not alone. Many young people feel the same or worse, and the sad thing is they often wish they were someone else!

This interactive, fun and engaging workshop (suitable for ages 6-10 & 11+) is the first step to a more confident child or teen!

  • Discover the connection of their Mind, Body & Emotions
  • How to feel confident and change how they feel in an instant
  • Gain perspective over challenges and overcome  distorted ‘Mind Tricks’
  • Understand how carrying emotions can feel heavy and exhausting
  • The real power of negative and positive thoughts and beliefs
  • Managing overwhelm and overthinking

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