Many people have mixed views about whether or not struggle is good for you and shapes one’s character?

No parent wants to see their child struggle unnecessarily and the quick and easy option is to step in, offer the advice or even do it for them.

However, the rub of this is that they’re not learning for themselves and the effort they endure in overcoming the struggle offers valuable development and life experiences.

And when we come to the rescue too quickly, we inadvertently develop or trigger a defeatist attitude within them. Because they can’t do it/get it/have it immediately, they can develop a “give up” too quickly attitude or mindset.

Of course, struggle is contextual and relative to the type of struggle it is?  For example, if your child is resisting situations, events or circumstances they are unable to change, then struggle becomes suffering, and yes painful for them (and you).

That’s why on the latest episode of the Podcast episode Annette discusses how struggling when properly mentally managed and communicated is very beneficial in your child/teens overall development and growth.

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