My Reaction to the Will Smith Slap!
How I would Coach Will Smith to control his
anger and impulses.

You’ve no doubt heard about and seen the viral video of the now infamous Will Smith Chris Rock slap! As Will Smith attacks Chris Rock in an outburst of anger and lack of self-control.

If I coached Will Smith (or anyone) to control their anger and violent impulses, this is what I would do.

I show you in my latest YouTube video (see blow).

I include a powerful technique I call ‘IF TTT’ … it can divert and interrupt the bad consequences of behavioural actions. AKA before they get you into trouble!

Anyone (not just Will Smith) can use these strategies including your kids or teens!!

Watch it and learn to take control of your emotions and impulse triggers.

Also, here’s four things you can do when the ‘red-mist’ takes over:

  • Take action before you lose control. Yes, not always easy, but certainly possible when you are self aware.
  • Ask other questions that steer you away from over-reacting: Did they mean to to that! Are they out of control themselves? What will getting upset and ‘losing it’ cost me and my family!?
  • Stay present. Getting angry always means you are not present and being controlled by impulse and emptions. Ask yourself the following question: “What is my current communication with the present moment”?
  • Avoid trigger situations or control them if possible? Try to avoid people and situations that push your buttons and if you can’t then minimise their impact upon you.

Anger is always about disconnecting from staying in front of emptions and situations that cause you to over-react.

See the video below.

Big smiles! Annette x