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Autumn activities for kids

The Colours of Autumn: A Delightful Guide to UK Activities for Your Children

As the heat of summer fades, replaced by crisp mornings and a symphony of russet and gold, there’s an undeniable excitement in the air. The arrival of autumn is not just a change in weather; it’s a shift in our rhythm, an invitation to explore new experiences with our loved ones.

Embracing Neurodiversity: Debunking Myths and Celebrating Uniqueness

In the intricate landscape of human existence, diversity is the brushstroke that paints our world with vibrancy. Today, we embark on a significant journey—one that peels back the layers of myths and misconceptions surrounding a topic that resides close to our hearts: Neurodiversity.

Self Esteem

Why Your Child Might Be Different! Unveiling Neurodiversity

As our understanding of the human brain expands, we continue to uncover the beauty and diversity inherent in our species. A key aspect of this exploration is the concept of neurodiversity. This term, coined in the late 1990s, acknowledges and appreciates the vast spectrum of human cognitive differences.

How to Help Develop Kids Self Esteem

Self-esteem is an important aspect of a child’s emotional and psychological development. It refers to how a child feels about themselves and their abilities, and can have a significant impact on their overall well-being and success in life.



Anxiety in children and teens

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

Anxiety in Children and Young People is on the Increase and all Parents need strategies to cope and handle it with success.


Street Smart Safety and Awareness For Children and Teens

Keeping your child or teen safe on the streets and out and about is a challenge, but theses tips will help you.


How to Control Anger In Your Child

Anger is destructive, damaging and exhausting. It’s the quickest emotion to show and the hardest to control. Especially in times of challenge there can be lots of reasons to feel the overwhelm of frustrations, restrictions and family stress.




Verbal intimidation / conflict and text threats are the most widespread form of school bullying and few know how to defend themselves against it and prevent it. Some children have developed a range of cutting and sarcastic defences when verbal combat ensues. But this seldom works, albeit momentarily… but try this…

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