If you thought it couldn’t get any worse for young girls and their body image insecurities… think again.

The latest trend is the “Slim Thick” look.

What? you probably say… me also! Of course, you’ve guessed it… being led by the likes of Kim K!

And if you’re new to this body image trend then the actual Slim Thick definition is…

A girl with a slim body shape but a big bottom (booty!) and big thighs. Usually with a small waist and flat stomach!!!

If you have a daughter, you’ll know girls don’t need anything else to add to their body image anxieties and insecurities. Yet, out comes ‘that corset dress’ from the Met Gala 2019, fully epitomising the ‘slim thick’ look.

And how ironic these unmissable images all a week before Mental Health Awareness week, all about Body Image!

Whilst I have no issue with the whole glamour being pushed out to the extreme, my real issue is the effect it’s having on young impressionable minds, girls seeking the ultimate perfect image… a fantasy far from reality.

This is often what your daughter will see (and many other “Celebs just like it!)…

And what they should also see is what it took to look that way!!

The “glamorous reality”, having to take corset breathing lessons and despite the glitz probably very uncomfortable to wear.

Constantly young girls’ minds are being fed a false reality, we must help them see the truth behind what they see. Help your daughter be curiously intelligent about the images they see online and in the media, to prevent them coveting the impossible body and be confident in their own skin.

The real devastation is your daughter living their life wishing they were someone else, not fully appreciating all they are and have to give to this world beyond looks.

Author: Annette Du Bois

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