CHAMPS Academy ‘Stop School Exam Stress’ Workshop

It’s been described by many as one of the most stressful times of parenting… Exams!

The intensification of pressure and acute stress is causing ‘exam meltdown’ in households across the country judging by the number of Parents contacting us about their ‘Exam-Stressed’ children. This can have such an impact on the whole family it can feel like walking on eggshells all the time, living on the edge wondering when the next ‘examquake’ is going to happen or the cries of “you don’t understand” echo from the bedrooms and living rooms across the nation.

The stress your child or teenager is feeling is a multi-layered roller-coaster of emotions generated by growing up coupled with massive amounts of life-pressure coming from the ever-demanding Schooling system, much more than in previous generations.

However, it’s not the word that causes the stress but the meaning behind it and associated emotions which creates these mind-based issues.

Our mind is incredibly powerful, more so than many of us realise. But when used incorrectly works against us – altering perspective which amplifies things to appear bigger, scarier or worse than they really are. I call it the disproportionate dilemma!

It’s not the amount of revision (although this is crucial and required of course), or even last-minute cramming that will help your child retrieve the information when required. It’s the ability to relax their mind and allow their thoughts to flow for clear thinking and resourceful action.

Here’s your child or teen’s opportunity to get their mind working for them, to finally take control of the nerves and associate ‘that word… EXAM’ to the wonderful next step in their life. A new journey, a key to achievement. Because we are all unlimited potential, so let’s unlock theirs on this fun, interactive and exciting workshop (suitable for SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, A-levels, Welsh Bacc, Scottish Highers and any other tests, assessments and exams)…

  • How to manage Mind Tricks and gain perspective
  • What to do before overwhelm takes over
  • Conquer their Revision Mountain in easy steps
  • Managing and adapting to change
  • How to easily relax a ‘busy brain’ and feel refreshed
  • The U.H.C of achievement and Success
  • Be Exam Confident Now – A step by step hand-out to follow at home

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