GOAL: Give your Teenager more Practical Tools, Realistic Skills and Life-Education to HANDLE their Emotions!

Announcing The Emotional Competence for Teens Coaching Program

With World’s Number 01 Coach Annette Du Bois

The first program of it’s kind to teach Emotional Competence to both girls and boys!


Master Emotions And You Master Your Life!

Every teen needs the skills and techniques to take control over their emotions, thoughts and feelings

Emotional Competence for teens

In this ever challenging world, growing up has become much more difficult and problematic.

There’s no life event or situation that does not have an emotional element to it. That’s why your teenager must have the tools and skills to be able manage the ups and downs of life today.

Without these vital skills, life is just going to get harder and more difficult for them.

Introducing the latest and most potent coaching program from world-renowned and respected coach Annette Du Bois.

The Emotional Competence Coaching program is unlike anything else seen before and designed to help your teenager become more adept in their emotions and world view.

See what people say about
Annette Du Boi

Highly recommended coaching for controlling anxiety experienced by teenagers.

My daughter found the sessions very helpful. Annette is very approachable, knowledgeable, kind and very understanding. Neil


Cannot recommend Annette highly enough. My 11-year-old son was so nervous about starting senior school. Annette really helped him manage anxiety and improve confidence. Jo Wallace

6 Reasons to Enrol Your Teen on this Special Coaching Program

  • Reason #1: It’s Live with Annette on Zoom. Your Teen gets to experience the effectiveness and engagement of learning direct from Annette first hand.

  • Reason #2: Practical and Relevant. Everything your Teen will get on the coaching will be usable and applicable to their life.

  • Reason #3: They get new tools and skills. Imagine how much your Teen’s life would improve with real-world tools to handle the pressures of life today!

  • Reason #4: 6 Powerful Coaching Sessions. Every week for 6 weeks Annette will coach your teen in the art of Emotional Competence and Mastery.

  • Reason #5: Each Immersive Session is 45 Minutes. The coaching is interactive, engaging and effective. Plus on top of that they are really enjoyable! 🙂

  • Reason #6: They Feel Self-Empowered. It’s a worry for Parents that their Teen won’t use what they have learned? But this is very different! You’ll see!

Join Annette Du Bois on the following dates:

Wed 8th March 2023 7pm-7:45pm or Friday 10th March 2023 6pm-6:45pm*

*At the moment these are the only two dates we have.

*If you can’t make any of the above dates, Annette can provide this coaching program (package) on a 1:1 basis for additional fees.

Please get in touch about this option>

Enrol Now And Get These Extra Amazing Bonuses

  • FREE Copy of the Coaching Program Videos (the content covered). Valued at £95 (3 months access)

  • Printable Certificate of Completion (emailed after your Teen completes the program in full)

  • Parents Checklist Guide to support your teen

➡️ Plus Receive a £50 Off Early-Bird Booking Discount!🎉 (Limited Time ONLY!)

Ready To Help Your Teen Improve Their Emotional Competence?

Enrol Your Teen Now For Just £237 (normally £287). Price includes the full 6 weeks live group coaching with Annette Du Bois, plus all the bonuses above.

Please choose your preferred date below:

Sorry, this program is now sold out. No other dates are planned, but you can still get it as a 1:1 coaching package for your teen. Please contact us>

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a bonus for enrolling now, you will get an online video of each session content, which your teen can go through. So they won’t miss anything! 

Yes, this is open to other Teenagers who share common problems and challenges. 

No, you can turn off video settings in Zoom if you prefer? 

Sorry, we don’t! This is because the coaching is already discounted by £50. 

Annette is offering this as a 1:1 coaching program for an additional fee. If interested please get in touch>  

Emotional Competence is not a choice anymore, it’s an absolute MUST!