CHAMPS Academy Courses provide your child or teen with specific, interactive and proven results for what they need. Life is a lot more complex and growing up is tough, we understand this and want to help your child navigate through life equipped to handle anything they face. These courses will unlock their true potential so growing up is an exciting adventure to be embraced, enjoyed and lived to the full!

CHAMPS Academy Social Confidence

Does your child struggle to make and keep friends, feels lonely or left out? Or your teen is socially isolated, choosing to stay in their room on their phone and missing out creating a negative attitude towards life?

What they need is skills and techniques to equip them better for social situations both at home and School. The CHAMPS Academy Social Confidence Course offers practical, interactive, fun techniques and strategies to tackle and dissolve the social awkwardness for good. And get their smile back! This course is 4-weeks for ages 6-10 and 6-weeks for teens (ages 11+).

CHAMPS Academy Emotional Resilience

Does your child struggle with modern challenges, gives up at the slightest thing and has emotional outbursts? Or your teen gives up easily, avoids situations/people and has emotional meltdowns at challenges?

When your child is full of emotion, feels stuck or unhappy with things it can only take something small to feel weak and helpless. It’s time they learn how to develop strength, to gain courage no matter what the challenge and grow in flexibility to take on the world with their head held high. This course is 4-weeks for ages 6-10 and 6-weeks for teens (ages 11+).

CHAMPS Academy Body Confidence

9/10 young people in the UK dislike their body. It’s likely your child is one of them! With a concerning ‘norm’ developing, your child is comparing and harshly judging themselves against a fake reality.

They’re desperate to change their appearance and worse ‘hate’ their body. On this course (4-weeks for ages 6-10 and 6-weeks for ages 11+) your child will develop self-belief to value their worth in peer groups and society, to appreciate their body, shape and gain inner strength to manage other people’s opinions to be all they can in life.

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CHAMPS Academy Confident Transition

Is your child anxious, scared and apprehensive about the School transition?

Year 6-Year 7: On this 6-week course your child will learn how to handle getting lost, managing the homework mountain, making new friends and dealing with not so friendly people! They’ll have the confidence and emotional resilience to be School transition ready.

And now the transition from reception to year 1 is becoming increasingly worrying for parents and child.

Reception to Year 1: On this 4-week course you and your child will learn simple strategies for managing worry, making new friends, dealing with change and handling tiredness!

CHAMPS Academy Exams Success

Teens are overwhelmed by exams and becoming more anxious, stressed and ill because of it, is yours feeling this too?

This course (suitable for ages 11+) will help them navigate through the mountain of work they have to do so they can better manage their time, emotions and improve their academic performance.

They will learn how to properly prepare, create a clear, personal and workable revision plan they can easily stick to and manage their mental and emotional obstacles to get resourceful, unlock their potential and be exam ready. Exams may be getting tougher but this course will help your teen embrace that and be stronger because of it!

CHAMPS Academy Kids/Teens ONLINE

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