Confidence is Not Something You Have It‘s Something You Learn!

Calling All Heads of Schools, Educational Facilities and Teaching Staff Committed To Tackling Confidence Issues HEAD ON! ‘Confidence in the Classroom and Beyond©’ Is The Fully Integrated Programme That Develops Key Confidence and Mental Resilience Skills Creating A Confident and Inspired Learning Environment!

We specialise in helping pupils having challenges with confidence, communication and performance or who display a propensity to be stressed and un-resourceful.

We support your School with specific, focused, personal confidence coaching and resilience training, where certain pupils have been identified as having a lack of confidence, limited communication and adaptable inner resourcefulness.

Your local CHAMPS Academy Coach works with you to create a specific solution and outcome-based programme that meets the needs of your pupils with the circumstances of your School.

Pupil Premium Funding (where eligible) can be used for this service so those pupils with additional needs in these areas are fully supported to boost their confidence, learning and self-esteem.

Practical Support for Pupils

CHAMPS Academy is proud to have helped thousands of young people change their confidence levels. From our experience, pupils who lack confidence quickly fall behind academically; find it harder to make friends and often struggle to learn and absorb content… making it a challenge for even the most dedicated teacher.

You’ll find the personalised, small-group coaching a very effective method for seeing quick and lasting results.

This is how CHAMPS Academy makes a BIG difference:

  • Practical Confidence/Assertiveness: For pupils who need additional boost/ improvements in confidence and assertiveness.
  • Social Confidence: For pupils who have a lack of communication, shyness in group interaction or struggle to make friends or handle ‘meanies and frienemies’. Includes managing emotions and anxieties in social situations.
  • Emotional Resilience: for pupils having difficulties with emotional control (certain emotions), feelings of worry, overwhelm and anxiety or find it difficult to settle or relax in class environment or are generally on edge.

Workshops for Schools

We can also provide your School with specific solution and outcome-based workshops to suit projects, PSHE days, curriculum focus and wider pupil needs, age appropriate to suit different Year groups including:

  • Exam Stress (suitable for SATs, 11+, 13+, GCSEs, Welsh Bacc, etc) Learn More>>
  • New Term Confidence (great for any pupils during the School transition period) Learn More>>
  • Body Confidence (focusing on positive body image and realistic aspirations) Learn More>>
  • Anti-bullying and Intervention (we believe all pupils need the right support, suitable for those being bullied and those bullying). Learn More>>

See all our Workshops>>

Now is the time to implement a system that tackles confidence, low self-esteem and negative emotions and offers proactive and measurable solutions to help your pupils overcome barriers and create new and empowering breakthroughs.

It’s time crank up the confidence, turn down the stress, get better results in class, and create a much better learning environment for both pupil and teacher — because it’s WAY too short to let pupils stay stuck… especially when CHAMPS Academy Coaching is available!

Above is an example of how we help Schools. 

Please contact CHAMPS and let’s chat through possible solutions and timeframes of what we can achieve together to help your School exemplify the quality of its pupil.

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