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Confidence in a Cupcake


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When it comes to cupcakes I am front of the queue to help celebrate #NationalCupcakeWeek.

I’ve been baking cupcakes (aka fairy cakes when I was growing up) since I can remember and thanks to my Mum I’ve developed some unlikely skills I didn’t directly associate with the yummy morsel back then.

I encourage all parents to get baking with their child or teen. You’ll be surprised at the additional life skills they gain and the precious time together they’ll cherish forever.

C = Courage. Doing something new or different can feel scary at first and many young people give up at this point. Baking can bring the adventurous and courageous side out in them to try different flavours, colours, recipes. A great character trait to carry through life.

U = Unity. We’re a time starved society and many young people are missing out on quality time with their parent/s, which can cause low self-esteem and other issues. Doing something fun together creates a stronger bond between you.

P = Perseverance. Anyone not had a cupcake disaster in their backing vocation?! It’s not what happens but how we deal with it that’s important. Whether it’s sunk in the middle, burnt, too dry or just not right – this is the makings for resilience and true grit in life.

C = Communication. As children get older, they sometimes feel awkward talking about certain things or don’t know how to share a worry with their parent. By doing something together that creates a mutual ground and lessens the awkwardness, you’ll be surprised what they share with you in the cloud of flour, icing sugar and mess.

A = Achievement. Young people who struggle with low self-esteem and lack confidence often ‘label’ themselves negatively believing they’re ‘rubbish or useless at everything’. Helping them make small achievements create big successes in life.

K = Knowledge. I believe learning should start young and never stop in all things. Baking has a surprising number of things young people can learn and gain knowledge from. Accurate measuring, following instructions, responsibility for timing, observations to avoid over-cooking, attention to detail, accountability for clearing up.

E = Enthusiasm. Through the digital world young people are part of, many are lacking the energy for life favoring the sedentary and isolating comfort of their screen. Baking ignites that raw energy and passion for doing different things, giving it a go, the excitement and a little apprehension of the unknown is so important in the earlier years of life.

Whether it’s dairy free, sugar free, vegan or just the traditional sugary sweetness, today bake some cupcakes with your child/teen and savor the special moment with them. Happy #NationalCupcakeWeek.