Embracing The Challenges Together For A Positive Future

As parents with one or more teenagers you’ll likely experience the battle for independence, bending the rules and the mixture of moods and emotions which can easily create a communication breakdown. At best you may get a ‘grunt’ and at worst silence.

Sound familiar?

Being a teenager is not easy either, it’s filled with moods you perhaps don’t understand. You’re desperate to be your own person but feel restricted by rules and overtaken by emotions.

Feel like it’s you against the world?

Well, what you’re feeling and going through is actually quite normal and it’s not easy for parents either. But there are ways to help you cope, communicate and enjoy the growing up process together!

At the CHAMPS Academy we help you work through all these different things in a fun, safe and enjoyable way using games, role play and really useful stuff . It’s likely you’ll be given a bit more independence to go out with your mates, your parents just want to know you’ll be safe.

Peer pressure can sometimes force you to do and say things you wouldn’t normally and it’s at these times you need to have the confidence to stand in your own power, to say no.

We’ll teach you how to be safe when out and about and the simple way distance can help you avoid confrontation.

It’s All About Communication

Learning how to effectively communicate with yourself and others will really help you through the challenges and rewards throughout your teenage years and beyond.

Remember this…

“The response you get is equal to how and what you communicate”

In other words, think about what you’d like the outcome of the conversation to be before you speak and don’t assume, the answer may surprise you.

You can also find out just how behaviour creates the same or worse behaviour in others with our exciting, fun and encouraging ‘Act Out’™ activities. Fun role plays, games and exercises where you get to choose the outcome and experience the impact of your choices in a safe and friendly environment where you can be yourself.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of what the sessions cover…

  • Stand in your own power – self confidence
  • Healthy body image – the glossy truth
  • Easy ways to manage stress
  • All Aboard! – the rollercoaster of emotions
  • The ‘Act Out’™ Series – what would you do?

So if you want to have more confidence, overcome exam and growing up stresses as well as learn to keep safe then come along and join us for a lot of laughter and learning.

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