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Confidence and Motivation Coaching For Kids and Teens in the UAE and Middle East

Top Kids and Teens Confidence Coach Annette Du Bois helps Parents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and many others areas in the Middle East increase Self-Confidence, Motivation, Manage Emotions and Drive-Up Focus in their Children and Teenagers.

Covers all age ranges (from 6 upwards).

No gimmicks or fluff, just the results your Children need!


Professional and effective Coaching via online Zoom video for your convenience and ease.

From many years of experience offering both face-to-face and interactive coaching, we have found young people benefit faster from coaching via screen.

CHAMPS 1:1 Coaching offers interactive, proactive and practical ways for your child to overcome challenges, deal with the emotions and feel happier about things. What’s missing in a lot of information or other services for young people is the insight, the ‘how’ if you like. So, when they’re in a situation or going through a problem they have the tools and resources to help them through at that moment, not wait or get stuck and feel overwhelmed with emotion.

Our 1:1 coaching is personally taken by Annette Du Bois herself via  Zoom. A positive benefit of this is your child is most comfortable in your own home environment, used to screen-time and it feels a very relaxed, conversational style of coaching for them to learn the tools they need and chat through different situations for us to find practical solutions that stay with them a life-time.

Plus the biggest challenge with face-to-face coaching is remembering the tools and techniques… but thankfully each online session is recorded and stored in a private members area to aid learning, application and retention. 😃

As Seen In:


Increase Self-Confidence

Annette’s Coaching is specific, targeted and solution focussed.

Improve Social Communication

Speak up, speak more clearly and engage with eloquence.

Motivation and Mindset

Gain new tools to breakthrough limitations, and skills to inspire and empower Motivation.

Plus A Lot More Too…

Annette can help you with all aspects of Confidence, Emotions and Motivation. No matter what the challenge or issue, Annette can help your Child/Teen get on the top of their game. With more confidence and resourcefulness your Child/Teen can excel and achieve their life and Academic goals, and open new doors to success and achievement.

Meet Coach Annette Du Bois!

Annette is one of the World’s most effective Psychology and Strategy Coaches for Young People. A hugely respected Transformation Coach having helped over 300,000 + people worldwide.

Appearing on Sky News and numerous other TV programs, Newspapers and Radio stations globally, Annette has become one of the most sought after Coaches for young people with a proven track record for results.

Annette has proved that her Coaching methods and unique approach works by changing and transforming numerous Kids who were really struggling and found it hard to make any changes with other coaches or options.

Many of Annette’s clients have excelled at School (including Private and International Schools) and some have won awards and given accolades from their teachers and peers, whereas before that would have seemed impossible.

“My outcome is to help your Child/Teen access their most resourceful states and mental processes to shine with confidence and be all they can be in their life, both now and in the future.” – Annette Du Bois

Annette Du Bois Kids Coach

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