Parents… Enroll Your Kids/Teens in the CHAMPS Confidence Club

We are delighted to be able to tell you about the start of our new members only CHAMPS Academy Confidence Club. 

  • CHAMPS Academy Confidence Club Membership is only available in certain areas and places are limited. It’s for various ages, which are separated into age related groups (our Confidence Club Coach will explain everything to you upon your enquiry). 
  • The way this works is our specially trained confidence club coach will take your child/teen through a total confidence building curriculum based on a term of 6 weeks, held during term time.
  • Each class is between 30-45 minutes in duration (depending on age group). Each session is purposely crafted to teach your child new skills of confidence and positive communication. To help them handle negative thoughts and manage their emotions in a proactive and fun way. 

They Will Learn:

  • How to create and channel kids confidence into positive action.
  • How to overcome negativity and stress.
  • Ways to boost their ability to communicate and be understood.
  • How to improve School work and friendships.
  • Gain focus and clarity.
  • Improve grades.
  • And much more!

Contact CHAMPS Academy about the Confidence Club:

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