CHAMPS Academy Coaching Process for Kids and Teens

This is what Coaching with Annette Du Bois (CHAMPS Academy) looks like

Welcome to our coaching services designed to empower kids and teens on their journey of personal growth, confidence-building, and neurodiversity support. Our comprehensive process is tailored to address the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a supportive and impactful experience.

1. Initial Conversation with Parents:

We start with an initial chat with parents to understand their concerns and objectives. This conversation provides valuable insights into the needs of the child or teen and helps us tailor our approach accordingly.

2. Discovery of your Specific Needs:
Our aim is to create a reassuring and informal environment for kids and teens. We engage Parents in a series of thoughtful questions to understand their child/teens unique challenges, strengths, and aspirations. This process ensures that our coaching is personalised and effective.

3. Free Trial Session:
To give you a taste of our coaching approach, we offer a complimentary 15-minute trial session for your child/teen. This session takes place online, and parents are welcome to join. It’s a great opportunity to experience our coaching style and discuss any initial questions.

4. Tailored Coaching Package:
Based on the insights gathered from the trial session and initial conversations, we design a coaching package that aligns perfectly with the child’s or teen’s needs. We factor in their goals, challenges, and learning preferences to create a plan that’s truly effective.

5. Open Line of Communication:
Our commitment to transparency means that parents have an open line of communication. We encourage you to ask further questions or schedule another call if needed, ensuring you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

6. Booking and Evaluation:
Once you decide on a coaching package, we guide you through the booking process. Additionally, we provide an informative assessment and needs analysis for your child or teen. For older teens, we seek their email consent to send coaching reminders and action steps directly.

7. Ongoing Support and Resources:
After our initial sessions, we offer ongoing support and resources. Coaching reminders and action steps are usually sent within 24 hours of each session. Depending on the coaching package, access is provided to our online coaching members area, offering additional guidance and tools.*

8. Weekly Feedback and Progress Check:
We value your input. Parents receive weekly emails for feedback, questions, or updates on the progress made. This continuous feedback loop ensures that we remain aligned with the child’s or teen’s development journey.

9. Coaching Progress Chat:
Around sessions 5-6, we arrange a progress chat with parents. An evaluation form is sent to gather your insights, measure progress and ensure that our coaching is on track to meet your expectations.

10. Evaluation and Continued Momentum:
At the end of the coaching package, we provide further guidance to keep the momentum going and continued progress.

11. Continued Support:
Our commitment to your child/teens growth doesn’t end with the coaching sessions. Shortly afterwards Annette will check in with you and your child/teen to see how they are getting on and offer further support and guidance that might be needed.

We’re excited to be part of your child’s or teen’s journey toward greater confidence, resilience, and happiness. Contact us to learn more or get started on this transformative experience.

CHAMPS Academy Coaching Process

* Access to the online coaching members area is only available on certain coaching packages.