Champs Mission

Growing up today is challenging, tough and problematic… that’s why the mission for CHAMPS Academy is clear…

If kids and teens do not change their negative thoughts, beliefs and habits NOW, then they will become reinforced, embedded and make life much harder than it needs to be both today and in the future.

Our mission is to help 1 Million children/teens to live happier and confident lives by 2020.

Number of Kids/Teens coached/reached Worldwide so far (updated end of Aug 2019)

CHAMPS Academy Confidence Coaching is very DIFFERENT… CHAMPS coaches are… strategists NOT therapists.

We offer proactive and practical solutions that work. Your Kids or Teens challenges are our mission!

We are the solution to their problems… giving you the reassurance and certainty you need that you are taking positive action to help your child/teen.

Together we help your child/teen become better and more resilient and resourceful in life.

Actions, choices, tools and strategies will help your child/teen overcome the pressures of life today and give them the confidence to succeed in life.

1 Million Kids is not a number it’s a movement and we’d like to help your child/teen be part of our mission.

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