Social Anxiety in Children

Social Anxiety in Children is on the increase. How to spot the signs. Why are young people becoming more Socially Anxious? Our society is making children and teens less confident in social situations and nervous about talking to people. On this informative Podcast episode, top Kids and Teens Confidence Annette Du Bois shares some helpful tips for parents.

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Are You Stuck in the Comparison Trap?

Do you often find comparing yourself to others? Most people do and especially the young. But it can become a damaging cycle if not checked and managed, eroding our self worth and individuality. In this latest Podcast episode Annette talks about the life-changing concept of Oubaitori and what we can learn from it.

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Is Struggle Necessary To Succeed in Life

Many people have mixed views about whether or not struggle is good for you and shapes one's character? No parent wants to see their child struggle unnecessarily and the quick and easy option is to step in, offer the advice or even do it for them. However, the rub of this is that they’re not learning for themselves and the effort they endure in overcoming the struggle offers valuable development and life experiences. And

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Teaching Your Kids About Feelings

On today’s inspiring and exciting podcast episode Annette discussed how to talk about how to teach your child about their feelings and how to manage them better. Plus as a special extra bonus, she's also going to cover 14 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special to boost their self-esteem. Okay, let's go. As children mature, they'll experience all kinds of emotions, like all humans. They'll also have reactions to those feelings and emotions

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What not to say to your child about money

There’s no doubt we’re living in uncertain economic times and it's a worry for everyone. But how you talk to your chid or teenager about money makes all the difference to their perceptions, perspectives and emotions. It's easy to live in fear about scarcity, lack and possible recession etc. That's why on the latest episode of the Annette Du Bois Podcast she discusses the best methods and tips to help you communicate more effectivity

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How To Become An Influencer to your Child or Teen

In this inspiring episode top Parenting and Kids Confidence Coach Annette Du Bois discusses and offers some great advice and tips on using what she calls 'Skilled Parenting Language Patterns'. These are modified communication techniques you use with your kids, rather than the usual limited responses. Get more help and resources here:

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