Teaching Your Kids About Feelings

On today’s inspiring and exciting podcast episode Annette discussed how to talk about how to teach your child about their feelings and how to manage them better. Plus as a special extra bonus, she's also going to cover 14 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special to boost their self-esteem. Okay, let's go. As children mature, they'll experience all kinds of emotions, like all humans. They'll also have reactions to those feelings and emotions

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How To Be More Assertive With Your Child or Teen

Everything in life comes down to the way we communicate and Parenting is no different. In this inspiring and informative episode top Parenting and Kids Confidence Coach Annette Du Bois shares helpful tips for being more assertive and influential with your child or teenager. Get more help and resources here: https://www.champs-academy.co.uk/

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How To Have a Difficult Conversation with your Child

Having a difficult conversation with your children or teenager in not easy, but it's most certainty possible when you use these top tips by number 01 Confidence Expert Annette Du Bois. If your Child or Teen needs help with their Self Confidence, Emotions or Mental Health, get in touch now for your FRRE Coaching session with Annette Du Bois: https://www.champs-academy.co.uk/

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How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

Anxiety in Children and Young People is on the Increase and all Parents need strategies to cope and combat Often children and young people act like they don't have a care in the world, and other times they may be overwhelmed with worry and stress. Although the stresses of adulthood are not the same as those of adults, they do feel anxiety in very similar ways. Solving

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If I Coached Will Smith About Controlling Anger

My Reaction to the Will Smith Slap! How I would Coach Will Smith to control his anger and impulses. You've no doubt heard about and seen the viral video of the now infamous Will Smith Chris Rock slap! As Will Smith attacks Chris Rock in an outburst of anger and lack of self-control. If I coached Will Smith (or anyone) to control their anger and violent impulses,

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Help Your Child Be More Positive

Watch the short video above. It's not what happens to us, but how we respond, label, judge and process the situation or circumstance is what matters. Isn't it? Our experiences are neither good or bad in that moment, it’s how we process and label them, that makes all the difference. Watch this helpful video with top confidence coach Annette Du Bois and please ask

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