How to talk to your kids about social media challenges

In the age of TikTok and Instagram etc video challenges are all the rage. The latest "challenge" tries to "influence" young people to cook chicken in NyQuil (an over counter medicine), as a way of getting an "high!" To teenagers they can seem exciting and risky and we’ve all seen the recent tragic headlines where these challenges have gone wrong. What all Parents must remember is that the teen brain is not fully

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From Shy To Confident With CHAMPS Academy Coaching

From shy to confident in just a few weeks! Here's one mother's very thankful testimonial of how CHAMPS Academy Kids Confidence Coaching has helped... My 10 year old girl had very low self esteem and CHAMPS has brought amazing benefits on her in just the first 2 weeks. She used to hide herself behind her long hair and after just 2 sessions she decided she wanted her hair short and is not hiding her

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Girls Body Image Crisis

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse for young girls and their body image insecurities... think again. The latest trend is the "Slim Thick" look. What? you probably say… me also! Of course, you’ve guessed it... being led by the likes of Kim K! And if you’re new to this body image trend then the actual Slim Thick definition is… A girl with a

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How Children Can Learn To Make Better Decisions

For most adults decision-making can be difficult, especially when it’s an important one or one that’ll affect others in different aspects, be it business or family. In my experience of coaching young people for so many years, I’ve seen this skill diminish to almost non-existence. Of course most of the time the decisions they’re making are more simplistic, but even then they shy away from that final choice, with the usual ‘I don’t

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How Well Does Your Child or Teen Sleep?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a massive increase in coaching young people who struggle to settle at night, they either can’t get to sleep or disturbed in the night so much they have next to no quality sleep (what’s known as REM sleep) and get up with the morning grumps or worse fragile emotions making them prone to anxiety and typical out of character behaviours. The reason for this increase has just

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Kids Crisis Knocked Out By CHAMPS

The need for the services provided by CHAMPS Academy has never been greater. Self-Confidence. Proactive Life-Skills. Stress-Resilience. Self-Belief. Emotional Strength etc. You only have to have watched last nights BBC News at 6pm to see the crisis and to want of another metaphor... a ticking time bomb! Although the piece started talking about Children living in poverty in Britain it also highlighted Children's mental health up to the age of 14 and how it

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