Is your Child Stuck on CAMHS waiting list or been rejected by them? Then read this now!

It’s Time For Brighter Days: No More Waiting, Time for Action

Let Annette Du Bois Introduce her Solution to the lengthy CAMHS Waiting List!
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Ever feel like your son or daughter’s anxiety is swept under the rug? Like you’re stuck in a cruel lottery, crossing fingers that your child will be chosen for help?

Tangled up in the NHS and CAMHS red tape?

Then there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Introducing Annette Du Bois’ “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program*”.

We all know about anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, OCD – real stuff that’s hard on your child or teenager.

But too often, they’re left waiting for help instead of getting it.

Waiting doesn’t fix anything. Your child doesn’t need patience; they need help – and fast.

That’s what Brighter Days is all about. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all advice or just talk therapy. We treat every young person as an individual with unique experiences and needs.

WHAT IS THE “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program*”?

A toolkit of strategies custom-made for your child/teen’s anxiety.

Our eight-week 1:1 coaching program isn’t about ticking boxes; it’s about shining a light through the darkness.

With Brighter Days, we look beyond symptoms. We explore how things like school pressures, social factors, and self-esteem (and other factors) play into your child/teens emotional wellbeing.

CAMHS Rejection

What sets us apart?

Fast Help: Say goodbye to long waiting lists. We make sure your child/teen gets the help they need usually within 30 days or less (subject to availability)! The reasons Annette is able to offer help quickly is because she does not get bogged down in red-tape, has strong time-efficient systems in place, no staffing or team issues (where misunderstanding and miscommunications can occur), does not have to go though departmental limitations, or wait for upline decisions to be made.

Personalised Care: Your child isn’t just another case here; they’re a person with unique needs who deserves one-on-one attention.

Empowerment: Our goal is more than treatment; we equip your child/teen with strategies to navigate their challenges in the real world.

Parents Included: Felt shut out before? Not here. You’re part of this journey and we give you tools to support your child/teen at home.

Just picture it –

Your child or teenager FREE from the weight of anxiety and ‘thought junk’ and standing strong with newfound resilience and inner strength. That’s what can happen with Annette’s “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program*“: a place where they’re not just a name on a waiting list, but someone making real strides towards better mental health.


Why keep waiting when you can take immediate positive action?

Help your child reclaim control of their mental health.

It’s time for them to do more than just get by – it’s time for them to really live. Because brighter days aren’t just some far-off dream; they’re within reach right now.

Get in touch today and learn how we can help them handle their emotions better and light the way to brighter days in both your lives.


With Annette’s “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program*: we promise timely help, personalised care, and empowerment. No more waiting; just steps towards growth! Your child/teens better days are closer than you think.

Why Getting Coached with Annette is the ONLY choice

  • Unlike Therapy or Counselling, Annette offers positive, practical and real-world and proven strategies for young people.
  • Therapists analyse the past, whereas Annette identifies and specifies current problematic behaviours, so the young person can work to modify and prevent them.
  • Annette focuses on results and actions a young person can take to change how they feel.
  • Annette will help your child/teen set specific Emotional and Anxiety Management Goals which can be measured through key situational indicators and specific behavioural outcomes.
  • Based on over 19 years of proven, effective results Annette will help your child/teen go from weakness to empowered in the shortest possible time.
  • Quick Results. Typical results are experienced within weeks rather than months or years.
  • A TOTALLY cost effective and timely solution for creating resourceful and resilient young people and combating the Mental Health crisis.

Imagine getting ready to climb a mountain. You could either hire an expert mountain guide for your expedition or a doctor. Which would be better?

Annette understands the key components of child behaviour and applied psychology and how to engage and interact with young people at their level of world-viewpoint, connecting with them to smooth out the information to application transition.

CHAMPS Academy 1:1 Virtual Coaching offers Interactive-Video Coaching to Kids and Teens (ages 11-19) using Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom.

Annette follows her unique, one-of-a-kind step-by-step proprietary formula and system to ensure the Coaching is specific and effective to produce excellent and outcome-based results.

You might be thinking… “how can one person handle the huge CAMHS waiting list”?

While the scale of the CAMHS waiting list might seem daunting, it’s essential to understand that Brighter Days takes a different approach. We believe in quality over quantity, which means that instead of trying to address the vast numbers at once, we focus on giving each child/teen the attention they need and deserve. It’s not about attempting to clear a backlog; it’s about making a real, tangible difference in each child/teens life. Annette offers one-to-one coaching spots based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, ensuring that those who reach out early get timely access to her expert coaching.

This approach allows us to maintain the high standards of care and personalised attention that sets the “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program*” apart from other services. And remember, every journey begins with a single step – every child/teen we help brings us one step closer to a world where no young person has to wait for the help they need**.

**At Brighter Days, we firmly believe in the power of practical strategies to manage everyday emotional triggers like stress, worry, and anxiety.

Just like you’d plot a course to navigate through unfamiliar terrain, our structured coaching plan equips your child/teen with a roadmap to navigate their emotional landscape. The beauty of this approach is that it’s proactive, empowering your child/teen to address their anxieties head-on instead of just reacting when things get tough.

But we also recognise that every individual is unique, and sometimes, more intensive intervention may be required. For some, therapy or medication might be necessary stepping stones on their journey towards emotional wellbeing.

It’s about creating a holistic, tailor-made strategy that meets them where they are and guides them where they need to go. Brighter Days is here to light the way but remember – it’s your child/teen who holds the compass.

When It Comes To Your Child… Don’t rely on an overstretched NHS. Choose Annette Du Bois’ “Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program* Every time.

CHAMPS Academy are pioneers of successful online coaching and having been Coaching successfully this way for many years (way before the Pandemic).

Choosing Brighter Days: Teen Anxiety Empowerment Program* is like switching from a dim, flickering bulb to a lighthouse in a storm – the clarity, guidance, and dependable light it brings outshines anything else, guiding your child/teen safely through the tumultuous seas of anxiety towards a horizon of hope, mental health and resilience.


*Please note this is a paid for service and is not free. Annette is a full time professional coach and has a fantastic track record for helping young people previously stuck in negative cycles and circumstances. The pain and anxiety children and young people suffer is worth doing whatever it takes to get the help and results you are looking for in the quickest possible time.


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