PARENTS… does your child suffer from body issues, perfection anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem?

Give your child/teen the help they need by enrolling them on our fun and interactive BODY-CONFIDENCE WORKSHOP.

CHAMPS Body Confidence Workshop

Children from a very early age form an opinion about themselves and those around them. With a concerning ‘norm’ developing through on and offline media of appearance, behaviour and lifestyle, your child quickly compares and harshly judges themselves against a fake reality.

How they look is more important than ever, they are bombarded with constant images, references and comparisons about how they should look, all with the clear message that who they are and what they have is not good enough. A quick scroll on Facebook (‘Fakebook’) and Insta demonstrates the harsh reality of growing up in the 21st century.

This kind of exposure and constant stress on young minds is the slippery slope to creating negative body image issues. And don’t think it’s just girls any more, boys are feeling similar. In fact, it’s likely they have more of a dilemma – do they opt for the stereotypical muscles and male domination. Or do they choose the on-trend ‘metro sexual’ look – perfection personified but rarely achieved?

  • Children as young as five now worry about how they look
  • 20% increase of cosmetic surgery rates in the last 5 years
  • 65% of young people are unaware of ‘airbrushing’ images in the media and think what they see is real!
  • High absenteeism in Yr3 girls to avoid PE
  • Pressure to look good in selfies drives unhealthy body image

On this interactive and empowering workshop (for ages 6-8 and 9+) your child will learn…

Body Image

  • Different opinions and why their own is the most important
  • The CHAMPS special motto about opinions
  • Social Media Madness
  • Mind tricks
  • ‘Brandwashing’ (and how to be intelligently curious on and offline)
  • Peer Pressure
  • Friendship Recipe
  • Why it’s great to be different
  • Belief Systems
  • We become what we think
  • Victim of someone else’s ‘pain’ they’re paying forward?
  • Why It’s Great To Be You
  • Special hand-out to take home and use

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