Beckie Whitehouse


Hi I am Beckie, Mum to 3 amazing, inspirational, frustrating 2-teens and a pre-teen. I have worked with children and young people for over 15 years as a field teacher, youth leader and Brown Owl.

Growing up my family dealt with depression for a number of years and I remember my Dad saying he didn’t know if life would ever be the same. This was at a time when depression was only just being recognised. We did survive. The pressures facing our children today are different but can lead to anxiety and insecurity which I have seen in both my children and their friends.

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More About Beckie…

I want to give our kids and young people practical tools to take into adulthood allowing them to feel positive about who they are, allowing them to stand firm with everything life will throw at them.

I’m very pleased and excited to be the CHAMPS Academy Coach for Cambridge and surrounding areas and I look forward to using my training and coaching with CHAMPS Academy to help your Child or Teen.

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Your inspired coach, Beckie.

Our Inspirational Coaches Can help Your Child/Teen With:

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Your child or teen will learn the latest, greatest and fastest Confidence building and boosting techniques to help them conquer any challenges, face any fear and devour their problems like a hungry monster at a banquet.

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Today, every child and young person needs to be more Assertive and speak with concise communication and focused body-language. This is where CHAMPS Academy can help your child/teen NOW!

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Stress can cripple a child/teens energy, thoughts and life chances. But CHAMPS Academy Coaches can help develop stronger responses and better solutions that calm, empower and resolve.

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If your child or teen is stuck in negative thought patterns, uses dark language and/or is negative in general our Coaches will blast through their poor mindset, easing out the dark conditioning to elevate them back into a more positive vibe and frame of mind.

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With life’s many challenges for kids growing up today… one thing they ALL must have is Emotional Resilience and Mental Resistance to the pressures of modern living. CHAMPS Academy Coaches are experts at helping your child/teen become mind-strong.

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CHAMPS Academy will enable your child or teen to activate their highest potential and achieve all they can be. No matter what the goal, your CHAMPS Coach will help them get there. Unlock the key to Success and Achievement. Give them tools they can use. 

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Latest Courses and Workshops with Beckie

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