So it’s out with the ice cream, lazy days and no routine to getting up early, sitting in class and making new friends.

The start of term can be a nervous, worrying and fearful time for many children.

Moving class, going to ‘big school’ or just getting back into term time routine can create a lot of different emotions and feelings, which need acknowledging.

Any change in a child’s life can be a challenge and the beginning of the autumn term can be one of the biggest changes they feel unprepared for. Here’s a few quick tips to help your child feel more in control of the transition back to school.

  • Routine: We all find comfort in certain routines, so create a school day routine that helps your child become familiar and relaxed. Make time to create a more calm start to the morning, read to your child whilst they’re having breakfast if possible. Or at the other end of the day create a bedtime routine that provides calm reassurance.
  • Communication: Chat regularly with your child about their day so they feel comfortable about telling you things that are bothering them or making them worry. Being able to put their mind at ease early on will help them process things with more prospective.
  • Continue the Fun: Going back to school doesn’t mean not having fun anymore. Plan things to do after school and if possible with new friends made – or have them over for tea to help create stronger social skills early on in the term.
  • Clothes of Confidence: Getting dressed in the morning can be a time of worry as the day ahead weighs heavy on their mind. Kids love superheroes and every character puts on an item of clothing that makes them into a superhero. This is great for children to imagine they’re like their superhero in the morning putting on their clothes of confidence to feel stronger, happier and more able to cope.

Change for children is not always easy to understand but the more tools and support they have early on the easier it is for them to manage their emotions and feelings for a happier school life.

From confidence building and communication to bullying or behavioural issues, I can offer your child tools they can use and apply in their everyday life at home or at school.

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By Annette Du Bois