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Beat The Back To School Anxieties

Summer holidays are a  time when your child is relaxed and happy without the usual school anxieties and concerns. Not wanting to wish the time away, you know it’ll soon be the usual rush for new school uniforms, shoes etc. but then the anxiety starts! Last September was the busiest ever month for CHAMPS Confidence […]

Venus Awards – Most Influential Woman Finalist

Fondly referred to as the professional woman’s Oscars, the Venus Awards are something many woman only dream of. So as you can imagine I’m super thrilled to be in the final 3 for the Influential Woman Venus Awards for the Portsmouth region sponsored by VW Peter Cooper. So what exactly is an ‘Influential Woman’?  “Motivates […]

How Does Social Media Anxiety Affect Your Teenager?

There’s something emerging in the mobile world that every parent must know about to protect the emotional well-being of their child. Social Media Anxiety Disorder is on the increase with many teenagers confessing to ‘being lost without their phone’ and admitting to checking it within a few minutes of waking up each morning (not to […]

Kids Safety After Dark

When the clocks change to mark the end of British Summertime, the nights start to draw in and kids can find themselves walking home from school or afternoon activities at dusk. Because children don’t have the same sense of time or judgement they often hang around, chat with mates and only realise they should be […]

Children’s Behaviour Issues

Weekends, evenings and school holidays are all times when children have more time on their hands than they know what to do with. And if not directed or have something planned, boredom quickly sets in along with the mischievous ways to either get attention or just occupy their time. Admittedly there are times when children […]

Signs Your Child Is Anxious

Whilst every child suffers tummy aches, feel overly tired and have the odd tantrum from time to time but sometimes these can be forewarning of other underlying issues. Children feel stress too but often without the ability to clearly understand or communicate their feelings it comes out in different ways. Keeping track and paying closer […]

Beat the Back to School Blues

So it’s out with the ice cream, lazy days and no routine to getting up early, sitting in class and making new friends. The start of term can be a nervous, worrying and fearful time for many children. Moving class, going to ‘big school’ or just getting back into term time routine can create a […]